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Boccieri Golf Secret Grip

Golfvaca February 5, 2013

When Jack Nicklaus endorses a game-improvement product for serious golfers, you figure there has to be something to it.

Boccieri Golf, maker of award-wining equipment such as the Heavy Putter, has landed the Golden Bear to help launch the Secret Grip, a patented technological breakthrough that allows players to easily back-weight their clubs, similar to the way Nicklaus did during his career while winning 73 PGA Tour titles, including a record 18 professional major championships.

The Secret Grip represents the first time in nearly two decades that Nicklaus has given his endorsement to equipment not under the Nicklaus Golf banner. He will appear in promotional materials for the product and use it on his own clubs. Beginning in March, the Secret Grip will be available at retailers nationwide.

“Throughout my career, all my golf clubs were back-weighted,” Nicklaus said. “The main benefit was that it helped slow down my hands and reduce dispersion. There are a lot of people who could benefit from the philosophy that I used and that is why we have been working with Boccieri Golf.  If we can make the game easier and thus more enjoyable for people, that’s not only a good thing for them, it’s good for the game of golf.”

The Secret Grip is designed to be installed quickly and affordably on every manufacturer’s clubs. Its heavier weight raises the club’s balance point, promoting consistent crisp contact for greater control and distance. This is achieved via a tungsten weight in the butt-end, combined with a compound that’s 40-percent heavier than what’s used in standard grips.Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Cutaway

“Extensive research and testing has proven that counterweighting helps everyone from the high-handicapper to all-time greats like Jack,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “With the Secret Grip, players benefit from our unique weighting system without changing the brand or style they prefer. It is really like getting a new set of clubs.”

Recent consumer launch-monitor testing of more than 500 players showed 95 percent reported a strong preference for the Secret Grip versus traditional grips.

Further advantages of the Secret Grip include  a total length one-inch longer than standard extending down towards the club face end, allowing players to grip-down for improved play around the green or on uneven lies; and a built-up lower section–often preferred by PGA Tour players —completely removes the need for additional grip tape wrapping

The Secret Grip can be purchased at and will soon be offered at leading retailers nationwide.

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