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Allbirds Golf Shoes

A company that has made its mark based on the principles of using natural products, being comfortable, and keeping it simple has made its first foray into the golf shoe category
with the Allbirds Golf Dasher It is an impressive first effort–and promises to be a favorite choice for anyone who tries them on. The Golf Dasher is made with natural materials that are
incredibly light and comfortable and offers a great option for afternoons on the course or in the clubhouse.

With an exceptionally light, feather-like feel, these shoes offer great traction and style– and can be worn for many occasions other than on the links. ZQ-certified Merino wool lines the shoe with a breathable, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking material that can carry players through an entire day on the course. The midsole uses SweetFoamÆAllbirds proprietary foam made with the world’s first carbon-negative, sugarcane-derived green EVA for a lightweight feel. The natural rubber traction sole adds height and multidirectional lugs to improve lateral and
rotational grip throughout the swing, and stability across wet or
uneven terrain.

The water-resistant recycled polyester ripstop on the uppers and bio-based TPU mudguard around the shoe’s bottom unit help protect players from the elements and offer excellent balance. A microsuede saddle tied into the laces enhances midfoot and heel lockdown. The design of the toe box is especially comfortable for an athletic shoe. A golf shoe has been a top customer request for a long time.

Consumers told us time and time again that the selection of comfortable, sustainable golf shoes just wasn’t up to par–and when we saw our consumers adding spikes to their Allbirds sneakers, we knew it was time to get Golf Dashers on the green, said Tim Brown, Allbirds co-Founder and co-CEO.

To celebrate the drop of the Golf Dasher, Allbirds is partnering with golf personality, broadcaster, and TV and podcast host Will Lowery. To activate his mission to bring visible equity to golf, Lowery partners with people, brands, and organizations aligned with his values to expand awareness of and access to the game. The focus of all my projects and partnerships is to highlight the power of golf beyond the industry. This game is so much more than a game. It is a tool for connection, access, and upward mobility. A lifesaver for some and a superpower for others, it opens doors and creates community. As purpose-driven brands like Allbirds actively
engage in amplifying this message, we begin to secure a more
equitable future for the game noted Lowery.

Dreamed up in New Zealand, Allbirds launched in San Francisco in 2016 with the ethos of using natural materials to create the world’s most comfortable shoes. With carbon reduction as its
North Star, Allbirds is looking to a more sustainable approach to business through product innovation, industry collaboration (like open-sourcing its footprint calculator), and being the first footwear brand to carbon label all its products.

Allbirds serves customers in 35+ countries across 55+ retail stores. It is an entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials–and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way. For more information, visit the Allbirds website at www.

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By Terry Ross


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