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Ever since CBD products began to hit the marketplace in 2019, the number of products aimed at the golf community and the millions of recreational athletes that enjoy the game has expanded wildly.

While most manufacturers have a product or two that they sell, Asheville Botanicals in Asheville, North Carolina, have developed the Anim line of full spectrum hemp products that include a number of specialized CBD tinctures, gels and salves to handle a variety of uses and situations.  The company appears to have taken a detailed scientific approach to its production and has formulated CBD blends that lend themselves to specific situations, such as before and after a round of golf—even a special blend to help relax and promote a good night’s sleep.

Organically grown and processed in clean rooms under FDA standards and rigorously tested, Asheville Botanicals has taken great care to assure the quality and efficacy of their products—with a new target of the golfing public.

Two of the tincture drops are even named with golf terms–the Anim Swing for post-round relief is designed to counter the effects of repetitive motion—like the golf swing. The Anim Fairway CBD is formulated to be taken before a round to help promote calmness and relaxation—and takes the edge off.  The Anim Sports Relief Gel is also beneficial as a pre-round application to rub into your back or legs to help with soreness and inflammation in a targeted area.

These products are noticeably effective—especially in reducing the recovery time after a round or even a good workout–and eliminating much of the soreness.

In addition to these golf-specific products—several other mixtures in the Anim CBD line can also offer everything from pain relief to helping with rest.  The Dream CBD mixture helps promote sleep, while the Balance tincture nurtures mental and emotional steadiness.  The Relief formula is for general pain and inflammation while the Restore formula is for chronic and severe pain.  They even have a specially crafted CBD for seniors to help with stress and pain mitigation—it is called Tension.

In addition to these, Asheville Botanicals has many other products in the wellness category, including a new moisturizing hand sanitizer imbued with Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E.

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