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Dec 01

By Chuck “The Traveling Guy” Miller Playing golf in Iceland is a marvelous experience.  Playing golf at midnight in June in the Arctic Open Golf Championship at the Akureyri Golf Club in Akureyri, Iceland is an incredible and unforgettable experience. You will play golf on the world’s most northernly 18-hole course located just 60 miles […]

Jun 16
Kempinski Hotel Guests Enjoy World-Class Golf Courses

Enjoying a round of golf, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the stunning surroundings – for a growing number of hotel guests, this is the perfect leisure experience or vacation. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of golf: it is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to improve one‘s overall […]

Jun 16
Hit it Further-Speed is the Key

When it comes to hitting the golf ball further-given the right equipment-it ends up being a result of how fast you swing the club. Superspeed Golf-a training aid company that specializes in speed training products and programs– has developed some highly effective products that can be used alongside of your regular physical fitness program to […]

Jun 16
Clothing with the Golf Traveler in Mind

If ever a clothing company had golf travelers in mind, the GenTeal Apparel brand would fit that description to a tee. Although the company has designed several collections based on various activities, the Club Collection is aimed towards the golf enthusiast-and the company even highlights a number of its favored golf excursions on its web […]

Jun 16
True’s Down and Dirty Golf Shoe

True Golf’s newly released Lux G golf shoe is the company’s latest performance shoe that was built to play in dirty, rainy conditions and yet comes out looking like new with minimal maintenance. This is a shoe that is easy and comfortable to walk in and gives good stability during the swing. It has a […]

Jun 16
Newton Introduces Fairway Shafts

Hot on the heels of the major success of its new innovative driver shaft, the Newton shaft division of Sacks Parente Golf has now released a new version of this vital golf club component built especially for fairway woods-and it promises to have as much impact on that category of clubs. As with the driver […]

Jun 15
The Clutch at South Seas Resort: Golf With An Island Vibe

By Tim Cotroneo The Clutch Golf Course at South Seas Resort is the perfect escape for the golfer seeking a Caribbean vibe but wishing to keep his or her passport at home. Located one hour west of Fort Myers, FL, on Captiva Island, the 12-hole Clutch is the resort’s newest amenity during their ongoing beachfront […]

Jun 15
Start Planning Your Family Vacation in California

By Sean Petersen The summer vacation season is upon us. Are you ready to start planning your golf trip and your family vacation? You could also combine the two and make it a family golf  vacation. The best golf resorts in the US cater to families, featuring a wide range of facilities for every family […]

Jun 15
Puerta Cortes Golf Getaway

By Dave McKibben It took Craig Bevan almost 10 rounds before he finally landed a tee shot in play on El Cortés Golf Club’s diabolical 14th hole, which features a 200-foot drop off a cliff and a 220-yard carry to the fairway.  At 612 yards, the par 5 14th in La Paz is among the […]

May 15
Fidddy Fidddy Drink

The Arnold Palmer drink-with tea and lemonade-is a staple of golf culture for those looking for a fresh beverage that doesn’t contain alcohol. Now, for those looking for the fruity, mellow taste with a little more kick, the Flavortown Spiked Fidddy Fidddy Hard Tea and Lemonade in a can brings some new energy to a […]

May 15
Arcade Belt & Sunglass Combo

Arcade Lifestyle Belts and Timberland polarized sunglasses have teamed up to offer a package combination for the start of the spring and summer golf season that makes a nice gift set (Father’s Day)—or just a very classy addition to your own golf wardrobe. The Arcade Futureweave belt not only looks nice for golf, but many […]