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Bridgestone’s New e6 Golf Ball

Bridgestone Golf has used the data from more than two million golf ball fittings to reformulate its e6 golf ball for moderate-swing-speed players to help them maximize distance and yet retain a soft feel for those shots around the green.

The new Bridgestone e6 features a 2-piece, low-compression construction to ensure that players with slower swing speeds can fully activate the core on tee shots, delivering increased distance throughout the bag. The new ball also provides players with a super soft feel thanks to its low compression core.

“The e-Family of Bridgestone golf balls keeps getting better and better,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf. “With the recent introduction of e12 SOFT and SPEED, we’ve ensured that players who love the feel and playability of a 3-piece, surlyn construction golf ball have two distinct swing speed options in our e-product lineup. In addition, now we have reformulated the e6 to provide a more economical option for consumers who are seeking distance and super soft feel.”

Complementing the new e6 golf ball is the slightly lower compression e6 Lady. Delivering the same reliable distance with an even softer feel, the e6 Lady is designed to help female players get the ball air-born easier and provide added distance on shots where it is needed most.

The consumer data gathered from ball-fitting continues to inspire Bridgestone’s innovative new golf ball designs, yielding cutting edge performance products for the entire range of players, from recreational golfers to the best in the world. Bridgestone Golf is represented on the professional tours by icons such as Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, Matt Kuchar, Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson.

Bridgestone’s reformulated e6 golf balls are available in most golf shops and are available in white and optic yellow color options, while the e6 Lady is available in white and optic pink hues.

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