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Bushnell Golf’s Wingman GPS Speaker

What a great first-to-market product from Bushnell Outdoor Products that they have brought to the golfing world – The Wingman GPS Speaker. I am totally enamored with this product. Anyone would love this when riding on a 1-person golf cart.

With a combination of GPS and Bluetooth technologies, the Wingman provides players audible front, center and back distances, all while listening to the music of their choice through mobile applications.

This is a product that will allow golfers to enjoy themselves on the course, while providing them with the functions of a distance measuring device that works with Bushnell’s legendary quality.  Never one to enjoy other people’s music taste and volume, now you have the ability to play music and provide GPS data you can rely on. The Wingman GPS Speaker is unlike any other product in the industry.

It is accurate, clips on to the golf cart’s support strut tightly, so don’t worry about it falling off.

How it works:

Pair the Wingman with your music source and Bushnell Golf App

Press remote button to get audible GPS distances from your Bushnell Golf App

The Wingman GPS Speaker will change the way players take on the course, by bringing an entirely new atmosphere to the game. With premium sound quality, paired with front, center, and back distances with customizable settings for game play, the Wingman is the perfect all-in-one accessory for the golf course. Additionally, the speaker comes standard with Bushnell’s Magnetic BITE technology. The BITE magnetic mount allows the speaker to be secured to any golf cart without the need for an aftermarket accessory.

The Wingman GPS Speaker features:

• Audible GPS distances and music through mobile applications

• Premium audio quality

• Front, center and back distances – with customizable settings for your game play

• Integrated BITE magnetic cart mount

• Auto hole advance

• 10+ hour battery life

• Charge other devices from speaker

Available at retailers and online at:

Story by Barry Lotz