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Cali-Squeeze Beer

Whether you are playing at your home course or on a vacation golf excursion—a refreshing beer always seems to make things better. Now, nationwide, one of the older craft-breweries in the central part of California has hit the market with its tasteful fruit-flavored Cali-Squeeze lineup of craft beers that are not only very tasteful, but refreshing and smooth.

SLO Brew, the San Luis Obispo brewery that has been marketing the craft beers and has added a sweet Mango and Tropical P.O.G. (passion fruit, orange guava) to the already popular Blood Orange that was first introduced in 2017.

These unique California Hefeweizen are infused with real fresh fruit and are available at craft beer outlets and major retailers across the country—a great addition to the cart cooler or just enjoying after the round.

The crew at SLO set off on a mission to can sunshine by brewing the ultimate infused wheat beer for an endless summer. Most so-called “fruit beers” (and hard seltzers) are made with extracts and artificial flavorings, but Cali-Squeeze breaks the mold by layering real fruit puree on a soft Hefeweizen base. Its natural, vibrant color and bursts of refreshing flavor will surprise and delight non-beer drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

The classic Blood Orange Cali-Squeeze offers a nice sweet fruity taste—not too tart—and is very refreshing.  The Mango Cali-Squeeze offers big fruit flavor with a tropical tang that is perfect for the 19th hole. The Tropical P.O.G. reminds one of the islands, and its fruity taste goes down equally as well.

SLO Brew has a 30+ year history as a California brewpub and is the longest-standing brewery in the central coast region, winning numerous awards, including Brew Pub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival.         

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