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Cleveland HB Soft 2 Putter

Not only has Cleveland Golf(r) broken new ground when it comes to offering customized choices of putter models for players based on their stroke and personal preferences, the company has even gone one better and developed a flat stick that helps eliminate one of the more arduous tasks of the game-bending over and picking up the golf ball.

The all-new HB Soft 2 Putter lineup from Cleveland offers nine stroke-specific models designed to accommodate their particular style of play by designating the appropriate hosel, shaft and grip for both face-balanced and moderate toe hang models–this ensures each putter is built to match the player’s individual stroke.

“We want golfers to stand over their ball knowing their putter is going to be in sync with their stroke. With nine models to choose from, there’s an HB SOFT 2 that can fit your needs on the greens and golfers will be able see and feel the difference of having a putter designed specifically for their stroke,” explained Jacob Lambeth, R&D Research Engineer Supervisor at Cleveland Golf.

A key feature of the HB Soft 2 is Speed Optimized Face Technology (Soft). Soft uses individualized milling patterns in each model to normalize ball speed across the putter face, resulting in more consistent distance regardless of where the putt is struck. These unique milling patterns are carefully aligned to each head shape’s Center of Gravity, MOI and weighting profile.

To further enhance swing feel, a 20g counterbalance weight in the butt end of the shaft is included in each HB Soft 2 model 35 inches and over. This provides consistent feel, regardless of shaft length– giving players extra confidence as they stand over a putt.

Based on stroke type and alignment preferences, HB Soft 2 features Cleveland Golf’s custom-made pistol grips. For a slight arc stroke type, the HB Soft 2 Pistol grip has a classic look and allows the hands to naturally turn over through the stroke. For those with a more “straight back, straight through” motion, the HB Soft 2 Pistol Oversize grip promotes a stable stroke while still maintaining feel and control.

The real head-turner of this new lineup is the completely new head shape that Cleveland has designed called the HB Soft 2 Retreve. It does not look out of place even with the retrieve hole in the club’s sole to enable a player to pick the ball out of the hole or from any surface without bending over to grab it. And when you think about how many times during a round or practice session that you must bend over to pick up golf balls-you begin to appreciate this design feature more all the time.

Besides saving your back, this is one of the better putter designs we have seen from a performance standpoint. Designed for a player that uses a straight back and straight through stroke, this putter fits the bill perfectly and offers great sightlines at address and a light, responsive feel. The alignment markings are especially helpful and make it easy to dial in your putting line.

Make no mistake, though, this is not just some gimmick stick. Retreve has been carefully designed to perform with all the same technology, accuracy, stroke specific designs and consistent swing feel as every other HB SOFT 2 Putter.

The Pistol grip, with its classic look, helps keep your hands in a “quiet” position during the stroke-thus helping to keep the ball on-line. Cleveland Golf also offers customization for shaft length, grips, loft and lie angles. They can pretty much fine tune the club for any stroke.

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