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Ecco S-Three Shoe

Ecco has stretched the boundaries of golf shoe design once again with its new S-Three hybrid model that features an innovative midsole technology that provides added support and comfort during the swing and while walking.

Creating the proper balance between cushioning softness and support is not an easy task for any shoe manufacturer, but the crew at Ecco found the secret with its Zonal Fluidform™ technology by building a molded midsole with three distinct zones of softness for comfort while maintaining stability in the proper section of the sole.

As a hybrid shoe this is a great choice to be worn on or off course, but the 100 traction bars and 800 traction angles provide incredible gripping power that feels like a cleated shoe. This well-made shoe keeps you firmly planted to the turf. This Ecco Dynamic Traction System™ outsole gives great support for the Nappa leather uppers that are processed in Ecco’s tanneries and include Gore-Tex technology that is guaranteed 100% waterproof.

A double layer of neoprene in the collar and heel provides increased padding for additional wearing comfort throughout the swing, while the Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology creates an integral, flexible and durable bond without the compromises common with conventionally stitched and/or glued assemblies. This one-piece technology that is created without glue or stitching helps promote flexibility, durability and a lightweight feel.

“This breakthrough midsole technology gives the S-THREE some of the best performance features on the market, without sacrificing comfort or style,” noted Jesper Thuen, General Manager, Ecco Golf USA. “It is just the latest in a long line of innovations that have made Ecco Golf one of the most trusted brands in golf footwear.”

The unique feature of this shoe is the Zonal Fluidform Technology that has been applied to the polyurethane midsole and the three distinct zones. Starting at the heel, zone one is engineered for medium softness and comfort; zone two is designed for stability and lateral support in the midsole and is more rigid, while zone three has the highest level of softness in the toe area for walking comfort.     

Due to the advanced multi-section injection process, the midsole of every pair of S-Three shoes will have unique color transitions between the different sections, giving each pair of shoes a distinctive look.

Ecco, which was founded in Denmark in 1963, is a family-owned business and built its reputation by using quality leathers and designing for a great fit.  Their products are sold in 88 countries around the world at more than 14,000 sales locations.

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