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Faldo Design’s Newest Course Opens For Play In Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Vattanac Golf Resort, one of the most anticipated properties in Asia, has become the second Cambodian venue to join the Faldo Design portfolio, following the opening of the East Course.

Measuring over 7,500 yards, the golf course has unique design features taking inspiration from the Bayon temple at Siem Reap, as well as actual on-course replicas of other pre-Angkorian structures, including the Preah Vihear and Angkor Wat, one of the largest religious monuments in the world.  The design sets the innovation standard for golf in Cambodia, offering a unique combination of culture, leisure, and golf.

Located only 20 kilometres from the centre of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, this is the first of two unique championship-standard golf courses that will sit at the heart of the luxury resort, with the West Course set to be completed later this year.

Over the past decade, Cambodia has come into its own among Southeast Asia golf destinations, pairing championship-quality courses alongside the rich cultural attractions of the ancient Khmer civilizations, in addition to leisure activities and historical tours.

Local identity was the focus for Sir Nick Faldo and his team during the design phase of this project. The end result is therefore made all the more impressive by the fact that during the first site visit, there was nothing but flat, featureless land within clay basins, requiring large scale earthworks that were initially hampered by severe flooding in 2013, delaying the East Course’s construction.

Andrew Haggar, Faldo Design Lead Architect, said: “Vattanac Golf Resort has been one of the more challenging but rewarding projects Faldo Design has undertaken, as we literally had a blank canvas with one or two trees on a flat plot of land that used to be occupied by rice paddy fields. The opening of the East Course was a proud moment for the design team – the golf course looks absolutely superb and the design features will soon become a talking point around the world.”

Sir Nick Faldo commented: “I’m very proud to finally see this course open for play, delivering on the bold development vision we were tasked with.  After what was a detailed and bespoke creative design process, I am confident it will offer a strategic and memorable test to players of all standards and I look forward to seeing the impact it makes on the region’s golfing landscape.”

Since the opening of the East Course in May, it has become clear that Vattanac will eventually become a key competitor to Faldo’s additional Cambodian design, the award-winning Angkor Golf Resort in Siem Reap.

Including one of the best clubhouses in Cambodia, the Vattanac Golf Resort development master plan will also eventually see the addition of residential villas, a resort hotel, retail shops, an international school, and other sports and recreation facilities in order to attract international visitors.

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