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For The Modern Golfer: The Most Innovative Golf Bag In 20 Years


What would it take to make the best-looking, most innovative, and most fun golf bag for the modern golfer?

Here’s how MNML Golf did it: 

MNML Golf founder Sam Goulden realized there hadn’t been a real innovation in the golf bag in over 20 years. So they set out to make a bag that was clean, smooth, and minimalistic. They wanted golfers to be proud to rock THEIR bag, so they kept branding as minimal as possible. 

They began reimagining the golf bag by removing all zippers.

“The number one failure in golf bags is a broken zipper,” Goulden said. “That’s why the MNML GOLF Bag has 100% magnetic closures on all pockets.” 

He added a filming pocket that allows golfers to capture their swing quickly and easily both on and off the course. So no more bugging  friends to film your swing or balancing your phone hoping that it won’t fall into the bag – or worse, onto the concrete.

Goulden also realized that all modern golfers use their phones on the golf course, whether they’re streaming music, using a GPS app or texting their friends. They also know that there’s nothing more annoying than a dying phone on the last few holes, so they solved both problems with an add-on tech kit that includes a solar battery pack for phone charging and an easy-to-connect Bluetooth speaker with surprising sound quality. 

“What’s more fun than rolling in a birdie and celebrating with your favorite playlist?” Goulden said.

The MNML Golf bag features:


• Custom Bluetooth Speaker (8hr Battery Life)

• Solar Power Bank

• Phone Charger


• Pat. Pending Filming Pocket

• Magnetic Pocket Closures (strong and long-lasting)

• 4-Way Divider (two full-length)

• Very Comfortably Carries 14+ Clubs

• Comfortable Backpack Strap 

• Naturally Water Repellent MicroSuede

• Pat. Pending Port and Portal System

• Thermal Pocket (up to 5, 16oz bottles or 6 12oz cans)

• 5lbs (standard for carry/stand bags)

• Internal Stand Mechanism

• Colors, black and white

To order a MNML Golf bag, go to