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Green Books by GolfLogix

The company with the most downloaded app in golf history—GolfLogix—recently took their advanced course-mapping technology retro with the introduction of its printed Green Maps Books for those players who prefer the traditional pocket-sized course guides.

In an ode to the old-school, back-pocket books that tour pros and caddies use, the new Green Map Books provide virtually all of the information that the GolfLogix phone app provides in this more traditional package for those that prefer a printed course map book or those that don’t have their phone with them.

As far as yardage books are concerned, these are the ultimate.  The rules-compliant Green Books combine detailed 3-D imagery, including yardages, with the sophisticated green-contour data that most professional golfers use in competition. With the GolfLogix tour-level intel, golfers can reach into their back pockets and read every putt quickly and confidently to enable lower scores and speed up play. These durable and water-resistant Green Books are available for more than 14,000 courses.

In addition to the clear plastic cover that comes with each book, these easy-to-read at- a-glance books also feature pages to fill in your club-spec information and yardage—and an expansive note area to make personal comments for reference.

Professionals and amateurs alike have long relied on printed yardage books to guide their decision-making with confidence. However, the prohibitive cost of mapping the contours of each green down to centimeter accuracy has prevented all but the top courses from gathering this data independently. GolfLogix’s unprecedented catalogue offers accurate professional insight that all players can take advantage of to shoot lower scores.

The topographical guides include three views of every hole. Quick-view heat maps outline the green’s undulations and provide large, easy-to-see arrows which help golfers identify the areas to avoid when planning approach, pitch, and chip shots. Using these amazing course management features will provide more straight, uphill birdie putts and stress-free pars. A second, close-up perspective of the green highlights the subtle changes in elevation and direction that are often undetectable to the naked eye. Combined, the maps help make every putt read quick and simple.

This printed guide also features yardage book-quality color images of every hole with 50-yard grids to help plan your tee shots and avoid the major hazards. Green Books mimic the GolfLogix app’s Approach Mode, allowing golfers to strategically target positions on the green for their best opportunity of draining their putt.

“With our foundation as a software company, we are uniquely positioned to produce these Green Books with detailed course-specific intelligence that helps golfers read greens quickly and with confidence,” noted Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. “It was important to us to make accurate green-reading maps accessible for the everyday golfer. I’m proud to say golfers can purchase a Green Book for less than it costs to play a round of golf at most courses.”

GolfLogix Green Books give golfers a quick and accurate read without having to walk around the hole, by showing exactly how the putt will break on each hole.  Putting with the confidence of a quick and accurate read can also speed up the game and can shave strokes.

“GolfLogix Green Books give you the same data-filled map of every green that college teams and pros pay thousands for,” said Kellie Stenzel, a GOLF magazine top 100 instructor. “You won’t waste time circling the pin countless times; instead, you’ll discover a new confidence that saves strokes on every course you play.”

The Green Books have already caught on with many players—even during these times of limited accessibility and travel with orders for 2,000 courses in 49 states in the first month since they became available in April—and with 350 new courses being ordered each week.

The Green Books by GolfLogix can be purchased at pro shops and online at