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Golf, like any other sport or recreational activity, comes with its own inherent risks, and injuries soreness, muscle strains, and other physical ailments are just part of the challenge.

Luckily, there are remedies, and with the advances in medical science, we now have some new and more effective ways to minimize the impact of physical wear and tear on the body and help in the pre-and post-recovery of a round of golf or a practice session.

The makers of KT Tape, which is used in many professional sports training rooms and with physical therapists to support muscles and tendons during and after activities, has a trio of products that golfers can use on their own to help get back to a healthier status.

The KT Health Ice Sleeve is an extremely useful and versatile ice pack that goes over the arm or on your knee and can be used for soreness, and inflammation and does an excellent job in reducing swelling and soreness in spots like your wrist, forearms, and elbow, or even upper arm areas. The unique thing about this ice pack is that it is a sleeve that ices sore muscles and joints with direct 360° cooling and provides comfortable & flexible compression. It comes with an insulated travel pouch that keeps the sleeve cool while on-the-go– and is a great traveling accessory. It comes in two sizes.

The KT Pro Oxygen strips are a specialized tape that delivers more oxygen to cells to help unleash your muscles’ potential. Benefits, where tape is applied, include Celliant® infrared mineral powder that converts body heat to infrared energy and increases cellular oxygenation. The high-strength water-resistant adhesive on this tape stays on through the toughest rounds or workouts and the ultra-breathable synthetic fabric is good for up to seven days of comfortable wear. These are good choices to reduce muscle soreness.

The KT Health Blister Prevention Tape is designed to help prevent blister, chafing, and hot spot formation and is an ultra-durable, flexible breathable, sweat-resistant synthetic fabric that easily conforms to skin and is extremely thin to minimize friction. The precut 3.5” strips come in 1.75” wide and 1.25” regular sizes for convenient use in most common treatment areas. These also conform to the skin for full range of motion.

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