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LiveView AR Headset

In these times when golfers throughout the world are being more creative in finding ways to practice and stay involved in the game—especially indoors—LiveView Sports has expanded its offerings with a truly cutting edge device that makes it easier to watch yourself practice and correct swing flaws indoors or out.

The LiveView AR Headset creates the first heads-up-display (HUD) for golfers to generate rapid feedback during practice while still preserving freedom of movement and awareness through all phases of activity. When paired with the LiveView camera and app, golfers get constant feedback of their swing and body movements with no interruption of normal swing movement.

The headset is a sports-glasses frame with a micro display screen that attaches to any HSMI compatible smartphone, including all iPhones and Samsung S6-S10 models. The phone can then be put into a pocket while the headset screen serves as the main viewing screen. The micro display simulates a 4-inch screen at 12-inches from the eye and is a second screen to the smartphone with the LiveView app installed.

The AR headset is made to partner with the pocket-size LV+PLUS Pro camera, which offers 60 frame per-second video capture and integrates the latest Wi-Fi technology using 802.11 BGN to reduce frame errors and capture more of the swing detail. The LiveView Pro camera is completely wireless and is ultra- compact, weighing in at less than 4 oz. and measuring just 3.8” X 2.72” X 1.2”—plenty small enough for a golf bag. The internal rechargeable battery lasts for two hours of practice and the 640 X 480 resolution gives an excellent picture from which to dissect your swing—or even email it to an instructor.

The great advantage of the AR headset is that you can critique your setup and posture and watch the entire swing and follow thru without ever having to move your head, get out of your stance or put down a club.  It makes practice more efficient and allows players to fine tune areas of their game that they could not see before.

According to Dave Phillips, co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) “The biggest issue for most golfers lack of improvement is insufficient feedback during practice, “ who also noted that  feedback is critical for improvement because without it, it’s impossible to know if the intended change is actually being executed.

In addition to being able to watch swings in slow motion and frame-by-frame, the LiveView app also lets you do all kinds of swing analysis functions with the ability to create templates to help with swing improvement. The Swing Guides allow you to draw lines or stationary posts that can be used for the live feed going into the headset screen as precise reference for the swing.

The AR headset is another new technological breakthrough by LiveView founder Shane Yang and his engineers that is making it easier for golfers to get in some useful practice during these unusual times.

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