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The manufacturers of the LiveView Golf Digital Swing Mirror (DSM™) have introduced several new products and an even better camera to their arsenal of golf practice and improvement tools that utilize some of the newest and most innovative technology on the market today.

The new LV Pro camera has a much-improved lens that solves the issue of low-light when practicing indoors.  This new camera is custom built for low-light situations and brightens the frame considerably in low-light conditions–and allows for viewing greater detail in playing back swing photos.

Company Founder Shane Yang noted that many of the users of the LiveView products used them for indoor practice sessions and had to watch darker images, so this new camera has a much larger lens than the LV+PLUS to gather as much light as possible and converts it using a sensor that is almost four times larger as well.  This larger lens also improves outdoor capture as well by providing sharper images.  The LV Pro also has a built-in wide-angle lens that reduces image distance below seven feet from the ball.

Like the LV+PLUS, the Pro version offers 60 frame per-second video capture and integrates the latest Wi-Fi technology using 802.11 BGN to reduce frame errors and ensure that more of your swing data is captured. This means more swing detail can be seen and analyzed during practice.

The LiveView camera acts like a digital mirror for the golfer or student using it in that they can see their swing from any angle in real time or play it back on each swing or after a sequence of swings using the software that can be downloaded  in IOS or Android.

Just like the prior models, the LiveView Pro is completely wireless and is ultra- compact, weighing in at less than 4 oz. and measuring just 3.8” X 2.72” X 1.2”—plenty small enough for a golf bag—or to pack for a trip. The internal rechargeable battery lasts for two hours of practice and the 640 X 480 resolution gives an excellent picture from which to dissect your swing—or even email it to an instructor.

The new and improved wide-angle lens allows you to utilize a smaller space for practice and video and can capture a full 6.5’ swing from 6.5’.  When combined with the LiveView smart swing trigger and automatic slow-motion replay, LiveView Pro makes it easy to get instant feedback on every single ball strike. One of the new useful accessories available is the Smart Remote control that is just larger than a quarter and allows you to utilize the smart swing trigger and auto slow-motion replay to get instant feedback without even having to touch your viewing device.

Another nice new accessory available thru LiveView is the new LivePod 2 telescoping smart pole stand that is very versatile and attaches to all the LiveView cameras with a tripod screw–and even comes with a universal phone clip for other devices. It creates a stable mounting base that can be used indoors or outdoors and stands over three feet high when fully extended—but collapses to less than 12” for compact travel and even fits in a golf bag.

This metal tripod is one of the most versatile we have seen and can be used to tilt the camera straight down at the ball to video putting practice.  This is probably something that most players have never done, but it is extremely valuable in examining one’s putting stroke and being able to tell in slow motion the path of the putter during the stroke and just where on the face of the putter you are striking the ball.  This is extremely valuable information when practicing the short game and can help in improving an area of the sport that is hard to get feedback on for most players.

The latest version of the LiveView app also lets you do all kinds of nice swing analysis functions with the ability to create templates to help with swing improvement. The app also has Live Swing Guides that allow the player to draw plane lines or stationary posts that can be used in the live feed as precise reference for the intended swing.

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Story by Terry Ross