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New Golf Nation Channel Showcases Golf Destinations in Cool Ways

Finally, there’s a new medium for golf destinations globally to showcase their offerings.  And, logically, the medium exposes traveling golfers to exotic golf courses, clubs, resorts and cultures they may never have otherwise considered.

We love this type of matchmaking.

The medium is the super-cool Golf Nation channel that sneak-peeked on December 5 on  It is the first and only producer of original golf-lifestyle entertainment shows with the ability for viewers to instantly purchase items while never leaving the screen.

Succinctly, Golf Nation is hailed as “Netflix Meets Home Shopping Network.”

Watching shows is free.  In early 2023, they will also be viewed on a mobile app, connected-smart TVs, Apple TV, Android, Fire TV and Roku in early 2023.

A signature Golf Nation show is “Golf Unseen,” and the first four season-one episodes focus on “Adventures in Africa.”  Golf Nation cameras traverse South Africa, highlighting The Links at Fancourt, Pinnacle Point, Erinvale Country Club and Simola.

The cinematography, music of the land and narrative are magnificent as shows capture the true essence not only of golf, but the people, customs, landscapes, food, music and all things culture.  It’s like you’re supplanted there, on the scene.  Thanks to Golf Nation, South Africa is sure to gain its rightful place on golfers’ bucket lists.

Viewers request information about places, like South Africa, they see on “Golf Unseen” by clicking on an icon that intermittently pops on-screen while watching the show.  Each episode is a digestible 18 to 24 minutes without annoyance of commercial breaks.  

Equally impressive as “Golf Unseen,” is the early line-up of Golf Nation shows:

• Ambush with David Feherty – Hidden camera hijinks with golf’s foremost funnyman

• Don’t I Know You? – Golf’s “Newlywed Game;” first episode with Zach & Kim Johnson

• No Judgment – Three female friends from Grueter Golf breaking down golf’s barriers

• Tee Shots – Drink, chat, swing, repeat hosted by famous mixologist Bill Binder

• Versus – Golf influencers compete head-to-head

• Watch. Buy. Play. – Hottest golf products on the planet

The concept of on-screen shopping inside videos isn’t new to Golf Nation parent company NBTV Channels and its NBTV Studios production arm.  Backed by pioneering video commerce technology, leadership created the highly dynamic and successful Spirits Network that sells countless products inside “Cocktail History,” “Tales from the Cask,” “Sipping Point” and “Science of Spirits” and other shows.

Golf Nation was founded because surveys show more than 60% of Spirits Network viewers count golf as a passion.  That’s an amazing core audience from Day One.

“The watch, buy, play experience is efficient, pleasant and immediate for viewers of Golf Nation shows,” says Suzy Whaley, President of Golf Nation.  “Click on the screen to request information and quotes about travel to golf destinations and buy products right then and there.”

Whaley should know.  Like Golf Nation, she’s a groundbreaker as the first and only female President of the PGA of America and one of only a handful of women to compete in a PGA TOUR event.

Golf equipment, travel, fashion, technology, instruction, club lifestyle and fitness brands are already onboard with Golf Nation.  More than 10 non-endemic brands are expected to be fully immersed selling their products via on-screen icons / “buy bars” inside Golf Nation shows in Q1.

With aplomb, Whaley notes “Golf Nation’s video commerce is transforming the way golf entertainment, including golf destinations, is presented and products are bought and sold,” likening this business approach to a “secret sauce.”

NBTV’s investor line-up is a clear indication Golf Nation’s on-demand, streaming channel is here to stay.  They include Mark Bezos (HighPost Capital), Mindy Grossman (former CEO of Home Shopping Network and Weight Watchers International), David Nichols (former President of K-Swiss), John Esposito (Chairman of Whistle Pig and former CEO of Bacardi North America), and other family offices and venture funds.

Getting back to “Golf Unseen,” we can’t wait to see the exotic destinations to soon be featured.  That begs the question – is there golf at the North Pole?