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Newton Driver Shaft

There is an old saying that the shaft is the engine of the golf club, and for the driver it might be one of the more crucial elements in your bag.

Sacks Parente Golf, Inc, which has made its mark with innovative putters, is starting to get noticed for its advanced driver shafts under the Newton Golf Shafts division of the company.

Established late last year, the Newton Shaft division, with its first offering in the Motion Driver shaft, is already being featured in all 126 Club Champion stores nationwide.

In addition, the driver shaft is already being played on the PGA Tour Champions by Ken Duke who put it in his driver at the Tour’s Constellation Furyk & Friends event in October. Notably, he ranked first in driving accuracy in that event, successfully hitting 40 of 42 fairways, setting the stage for a series of impressive performances. Since incorporating the Newton Shaft into his bag, Duke has finished first, third, tied for twelfth and tied for first in driving distance accuracy in events on the PGA Tour Champions.

“What I like about the Newton Shaft is that it is very consistent,” said Duke. “As a professional golfer, that’s what we look for. It’s unbelievable how I can shape it. Not only that, but I’ve gained 6-15 yards with it and still get the height that I want. I’m so excited about the shaft and how it can improve my game.”

There is a lot to like about this shaft. From the process of picking a shaft, Newton has designed its fitting procedure to key in on a player’s swing speed. 

Newton Motion shaft engineers incorporate Variable Bend Profiles for each flex. The bend and torque profile of every flex is designed to optimize performance based on swing speed, not the age or gender of the player.

Golfers with slower swing speeds need more flex and torque, while golfers with higher club head speeds require the opposite. The unique Dot System allows golfers to select the shaft flex that was specifically designed for their swing. No more arbitrary and non-standard designations like ‘Regular,’ ‘Ladies,’ or ‘Senior’ flexes. 

Choose the correct dot based on swing speed. A slower swinging recreational golfer might use a two-dot flex, while a professional might use a five dot.

Also, all Newton Motion shafts are available with adjustable driver adapters to fit heads offered by most major golf equipment companies including Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Ping, PXG, TaylorMade, Titleist and Tour Edge. Ready-to-play Newton Motion shafts also come with a premium Lamkin

Crossline 360 Black grip pre-installed and are cut to modern industry-standard playing lengths. Unscrew your driver head, swap out the shaft–and head to the course. It is as simple as that.

This is an excellent feature to evaluate shafts and compare, and in that regard, Newton stands out with a fluid easy feel and excellent launch angles and swing speed. It is a comparably light-feeling shaft that is easy to control.

The Newton Motion driver shaft is a carbon fiber shaft designed to enhance a golfer’s performance by promoting straighter and longer shots with reduced effort. Using the Company’s proprietary shaft design and construction, it features four essential technologies: 

Elongated Bend Profile – The shaft is designed to bend over a longer span of its length, improving club head speed. The added flexibility of the carbon fiber gives the impression the golfer does not need to exert excessive force during the swing.

Kinetic Storage Construction – A proprietary construction empowers the fibers to store more energy that is harnessed through the elongated bend, resulting in a significant boost in exit velocity.

Newton Symmetry360 Design – ensures consistent flex, regardless of the driver’s clocking position.

Variable Bend Profile – meticulously designed to match the bend and torque requirements of each flex. Whether slow or high swing speed, the Newton Motion technology tailors to the torque.

This is certainly a shaft with a much to offer when it comes to performance.

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