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Newton Introduces Fairway Shafts

Hot on the heels of the major success of its new innovative driver shaft, the Newton shaft division of Sacks Parente Golf has now released a new version of this vital golf club component built especially for fairway woods-and it promises to have as much impact on that category of clubs.

As with the driver shaft, the Newton Motion Fairway Wood shafts are custom designed with every golf skill level in mind and are delivered with a Lamkin Crossline 360 grip and a shaft adapter for the club heads of most major manufacturers. For those clubs that have adjustable head/shaft capabilities, these shafts are ready out of the box and take only seconds to change out. The shafts are cut to modern industry-standard playing lengths.

From the easy, fluid feel of these shafts-not to mention increased accuracy and control-many players will see an improvement in their fairway wood shot making.

Hand-crafted one-by-one in the Saks Parente factory in St. Joseph, Missouri, the Newton Motion Fairway Woods shaft is engineered with the same premium materials and advanced technologies that have helped the Newton Motion Driver become a favorite of its early adopters. 

“In the wake of the remarkable success of our Newton Motion Driver shaft, we are witnessing not just the growth of a product line, but the flourishing of an entire Newton Shaft division dedicated to excellence and innovation,” said SPG Executive Chairman Greg Campbell. “This launch marks a pivotal moment in our Company’s history and sets a new standard for performance and customer satisfaction. As we unveil the Newton Motion Fairway Woods shaft, we are confident that it will exceed the high expectations set by its driver shaft predecessor.”

Just last month, Doug Barron, a member of Newton Shafts’ roster, clinched his first major championship on the PGA TOUR Champions at the Regions Tradition using the Newton Motion shaft in his driver. Additionally, three other PGA TOUR Champions members used the Newton Motion shafts in their fairway woods. Barron secured his two-stroke victory with a four-under-par final round score of 68. Finishing the week with a driving accuracy of 72% and combined with his longest drive of the tournament of 301 yards, Barron was pleased with the performance of his Newton Motion driver shaft. 

“My friend Ken Duke introduced me to the Newton shaft earlier this year and I found that after three days of playing with it and comparing it to my old shaft, I had a tighter dispersion and five more yards in distance,” said Barron. “The Newton shaft has made a big difference in my driving and unquestionably gave me confidence to win my first major championship.” So far this year, approximately 10 players have used a Newton Motion shaft in their drivers on the PGA TOUR Champions.

The new fairway woods shaft incorporates Newton Golf’s key technologies such as Elongated Bend Profile that is optimized for fairway wood shaft lengths–Newton Motion shafts flex over the entire length of the shaft–from grip-to-tip. This results in improved club head speed. Newton’s proprietary construction empowers the shaft fibers to store more energy that is harnessed through elongated bend, resulting in a significant boost in exit velocity. It allows energy created during the golf swing to be stored more efficiently and then released in a controlled, stable manner through impact.

Newton’s proprietary Symmetry 360 design eliminates any spine and ensures consistency from shot to shot. This is especially important with drivers and fairway woods that provide loft and lie adjustability. Newton shafts flex identically no matter the clocking position the club is set.

The bend and torque profile of every flex is designed to optimize performance based on swing speed, not the age or gender of the players. Golfers with slower swing speeds need more flex and torque, while golfers with higher club head speeds require the opposite.

Another unique feature is that instead of using the traditional categorization of shaft flexes of ladies, senior, regular, stiff, extra-shift, etc.–the Newton Motion shaft uses a DOT system. Ranging from one to six dots, the system allows for a seamless transition from the most flexible shaft at one dot to the stiffest at six dots. Newton Golf Shaft’s innovative DOT system, employed by Newton Golf’s expert shaft engineers, optimizes golf shaft performance by fine-tuning it to golfer’s unique abilities, leaving traditional flex systems in the past. 

For instance, a one Dot flex is made for those that have driver swing speeds of less than 75 MPH or less than 180 yards, while the stiffest flex-six Dots-is for 115 MPH or higher speeds and the ability to hit it a driver more than 275 yards.

The tip area of Newton Motion Fairway Wood shaft has been reinforced to withstand turf interaction associated with shots from hard-packed fairways.  They can be ordered in modern standard #3, #5, or #7 fairway woods lengths.

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