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Jan 14
Surge in Golf Vacations Across SE Asia

According to Golfasian, a preeminent name in Asia’s golf tourism industry, in some cases it will be hard to book tee times in several regions until after Easter. Golfasian has capped off a remarkable year by being named the World’s Best Golf Tour Operator at the prestigious World Golf Awards in Abu Dhabi. This accolade […]

Dec 15
On The Road In Oregon

By David R. Holland BEND, OR – Just nearing sunset one can see the criss-crossing of Finn scooters dodging, speeding, catching a breeze and settling down for another approach shot at Tetherow Golf Club. The fun is evident. The pallette view is orange, purple, green and wispy golden. Welcome to my Tetherow Lodges balcony. It’s […]

Dec 15
Casino, Golf, Grapes & Olives in Temecula

By Wes and Angela Bolyard Just a short journey north of San Diego is Pechanga Resort and Casino, an exciting resort in the wine country of Temecula, California.   As early as 900 A.D. the ancestors of the Temecula Indians lived on the hillsides of what is known today as the Temecula Valley Wine Country. […]

Dec 15
The Rawls: A Hidden Golfing Gem

By James McAfee Country western singer and songwriter Mac Davis once sang “I thought happiness was Lubbock in my rearview mirror.” After a recent visit, I discovered this certainly isn’t the case anymore. Happiness is returning to Lubbock. There’s plenty to do now. Despite spending more than 70 years living in Texas, I had never […]

Dec 01

By Chuck “The Traveling Guy” Miller Playing golf in Iceland is a marvelous experience.  Playing golf at midnight in June in the Arctic Open Golf Championship at the Akureyri Golf Club in Akureyri, Iceland is an incredible and unforgettable experience. You will play golf on the world’s most northernly 18-hole course located just 60 miles […]

Dec 01
Horseshoe Bay Resort: A Texas Treasure

By David R. Holland HORSESHOE BAY, TX – If you are a Texan not living in the celebrated Hill Country you cherish and remember the times you visited, discovering the next granite dome, field of bluebonnets, and rocky, prickly-pear climb to a summit to observe a sunset. At Horseshoe Bay Resort you can do all […]

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Dec 15
KT Recovery Products

Golf, like any other sport or recreational activity, comes with its own inherent risks, and injuries soreness, muscle strains, and other physical ailments are just part of the challenge. Luckily, there are remedies, and with the advances in medical science, we now have some new and more effective ways to minimize the impact of physical […]

Dec 15
Popticals Sunglass

For anyone on the go whether it is a golfer, traveler, or adventurer, Popticals® sunglasses have many unique, handy features you won’t find in any other pair of glasses. Designed with a sporty look, these excellent sunglasses are both sporty and comfortable, not to mention a high-quality nylon-based NYDEF® lense from Carl Zeiss Vision that […]

Dec 15
Savvy Setup Golf Towel

One of the most ingenious-yet simple- training items we have seen lately is the Savvy Setup Golf Towel produced and distributed by Divot Society Golf. For beginners or anyone who is looking to work on swing fundamentals, this 12” X 39” golf towel that is spread out on the ground along the line of your […]

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