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ParForm CBD Gum

On more than one occasion there has been speculation that some of the top Tour pros seen chewing during a round are chewing gum that contains CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. The qualities of the chemicals contained in this age-old plant have been known to help with several physical conditions and even help some people relax to an extent.

ParForm Golf, a Boise, Idaho company that specializes in golf-specific training and nutrition, recently introduced a CBD chewing gum designed for golfers and is an excellent alternative for those that don’t want to use drops or take CBD tablets.

ParForm’s CBD Gum is a formulated CBD-infused hemp oil chewing gum available in either a Peppermint, Spearmint or Grape flavor. CBD gum is an extremely easy and effective way to deliver CBD oil into the body. Each piece of gum contains 10mg of CBD. The body absorbs functional actives through the oral mucosa, delivering benefits nearly 5-times faster. ParForm’s CBD gum offers a simple and effective alternative to other CBD dosage forms, without the difficulty and discomfort of swallowing pills, capsules or liquids.

“Everything we do helps golfers succeed,” said Jeremy DeLuca, Founder of ParForm Golf. “We aren’t just another supplement company. We are experienced health advocates, fitness fanatics, and nutrition experts–with a huge passion for the game of golf. Our golf-specific products and nutrition programs

will help you improve muscle tone and endurance, increase stamina, stability, and flexibility, and enhance your overall fitness levels.”

The ParForm CBD gum is THC Free and, in many people, can help reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety and may help soothe general aches and pains. It also offers fast absorption for the 40% of people who do not like swallowing any type of pill. The gum also comes in a convenient resealable packet that makes it easy to store.

With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018 and the influx of many CBD products on the market these days, ParForm has gone the extra mile to not only go THC free but also GMO and gluten free with the plants that it derives its CBD from. This CBD also contains a third-party certificate of analysis as to its purity and content.    

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