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Popticals Sunglass

For anyone on the go whether it is a golfer, traveler, or adventurer, Popticals® sunglasses have many unique, handy features you won’t find in any other pair of glasses.

Designed with a sporty look, these excellent sunglasses are both sporty and comfortable, not to mention a high-quality nylon-based NYDEF® lense from Carl Zeiss Vision that is one of the best on the market. 

Popticals is a breakthrough in sunglasses, providing exceptional quality and unique portability. Made in Italy, Popticals also features a patented FL2 Micro-Rail System(tm) technology that enables one-of-a-kind collapsibility that makes them easily packed and carried. They are lightweight and available in a broad array of styles.

The hard cases that come with the sunglasses are at once small enough (measuring only 4 ½”) to reflect Popticals’ unique portability and strong enough to ensure safe and secure storage. While cases for other sunglasses can be too bulky to carry around, Popticals’ cases can easily be carried by hand or kept in a jacket, fishing vest, golf bag or handbag. Made from durable plastic, Italian leather and neoprene materials, the cases ensure that Popticals stay safe during any activity and, afterward, when stored.

Even at the bottom of a fully packed backpack, an overburdened handbag or bouncing around the floor of a golf cart, the cases keep Popticals safe. “With Popticals, we are adding new value to premium sunglasses by making them more convenient and durable,” said Gary DiSalvo, owner and CEO of Popticals. “We know that discerning sunglasses buyers demand the highest quality in a broad array of styles. We certainly have that, but we wanted to offer even more. Our patented technology enables our sunglasses to ‘pop’ into place for use and just as easily collapse back to a uniquely transportable size for easy, secure, and scratch-resistant storage and transport.”

Although Popticals was first introduced in 2016, Gary and Dana DiSalvo purchased the company in 2022 and are set on taking the brand to new heights. “Popticals always have been, and remain, a unique product within the premium sunglasses market,” added DiSalvo. “We look forward to investing in and growing the Popticals brand and product line and building on their distinctive place in the premium sunglasses market.”

These sunglasses are initially designed and shaped by skilled artisans and then, using industry-leading Swiss Grilamid TR 90 material, each pair is carefully engineered, built, painted, and finished by hand. Lightweight, transparent plastics commonly used for sunglasses might look and feel okay but aren’t likely to provide superior performance and durability. 

Unlike other thermoplastics, Grilamid TR 90 utilizes the strength of a semi-crystalline polyamide for excellent durability while remaining lightweight and transparent enough to be colored in a wide variety of hues.

Among the lightest engineering plastics available, Grilamid TR 90 is less dense than other polymers, such as polycarbonate, while remaining transparent and durable. Well-suited for Popticals’ emphasis on people with active lives, Grilamid TR 90 is resistant to weathering and will stand up to long-term outdoor usage and extreme climatic conditions.

“Popticals reflect the individuality, diversity, and spirit of people who are active and engaged,” noted Dana DiSalvo, chief operating officer. “They are designed to be an indispensable part of their lives.”  

Popticals come in 10 distinctive collections and are currently available online.

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