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Apr 15
Ben Sherman Golf

The iconic British menswear brand Ben Sherman-which dates back to the days of the British rock invasion of the 1960s and the fashions of those times-has now squarely taken on a new mission with the introduction this year of its Sport Golf Collection that is already turning heads among those watching fashion on the links. […]

Apr 15
Newton Driver Shaft

There is an old saying that the shaft is the engine of the golf club, and for the driver it might be one of the more crucial elements in your bag. Sacks Parente Golf, Inc, which has made its mark with innovative putters, is starting to get noticed for its advanced driver shafts under the […]

Apr 15
FJ Pro/SLX Shoes

Once again FootJoy has raised the bar when it comes to producing golf footwear that is both comfortable and delivers when it comes to performance. The new lineup of Pro/SLX(tm) and Pro/SLX Carbon that was recently introduced to retail not only has a light “walking on air” feel about them but also offers improved stability […]

Mar 17
Club Champion Rapidly Expanding

Club Champion, which has steadily grown over the past 14 years as a premium golf club fitter and builder, is expanding its reach once again this year with four new stores opening thus far in 2024 and is furthering its goal of making custom fitting services more accessible nationwide. The Willowbrook, IL company has just […]

Mar 17
Cleveland HB Soft 2 Putter

Not only has Cleveland Golf(r) broken new ground when it comes to offering customized choices of putter models for players based on their stroke and personal preferences, the company has even gone one better and developed a flat stick that helps eliminate one of the more arduous tasks of the game-bending over and picking up […]

Mar 17
Vokey SM10 Wedge

The master of the golf wedge-Bob Vokey– is always looking for ways to improve on his creations for Titleist. The man responsible for designing the most popular wedges on the PGA Tour for the past 20 years recently surveyed the practice range at the recent American Express event in La Quinta as players put his […]

Jan 15
ZipOns – Easy Does It

It is amazing how many innovations that have nothing to do with golf have a way of finding their way into the sport and lifestyle. One example is a company called befree that makes adaptive clothing for both adults and children that have medical conditions that hinder their ability to put on a pair of […]

Jan 15
Takomo Golf’s Skyforger 001 Wedges

Takomo, a prominent golf manufacturer based in Finland, has been capturing the admiration of golfers and critics alike with their remarkable irons that deliver outstanding performance, aesthetic appeal and exceptional value for money.  Their unwavering commitment to the golf community is reflected in their mantra and mission statement, emphasizing cost-effectiveness by minimizing marketing expenses and […]

Jan 15
RIPIT Grips & Headcovers

Variety is the Spice of Life!  And these new golf products certainly fill the spice shelf. RIPIT is for the new generation of golf players who don’t mind stepping onto the green with Sunday game passion and a Saturday night vibe. Bring an interesting, cool, fun and somewhat controversial product to a very stale and […]

Dec 15
KT Recovery Products

Golf, like any other sport or recreational activity, comes with its own inherent risks, and injuries soreness, muscle strains, and other physical ailments are just part of the challenge. Luckily, there are remedies, and with the advances in medical science, we now have some new and more effective ways to minimize the impact of physical […]