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Oct 07
Yellow! Yellow! More Yellow!

Like CBD oils are taking hold on all the Tours, yellow balls are also appearing on all the Tours. All the major golf brands have yellow balls in their product lines. This trend is growing and the many benefits emanating from golfers using yellow balls, such as seeing the ball better, making consistent solid contact, […]

Oct 07
LiveView Golf Pro

The manufacturers of the LiveView Golf Digital Swing Mirror (DSM™) have introduced several new products and an even better camera to their arsenal of golf practice and improvement tools that utilize some of the newest and most innovative technology on the market today. The new LV Pro camera has a much-improved lens that solves the […]

Sep 05
Tour Edge HL4 Woods

Tour Edge has rolled out its latest technology and newest designs in its popular Hot Launch lineup of drivers and fairway woods with the recent introduction of the HL4 clubs that have hit retail stores and are available from custom-club fitters. The HL4 is the fourth release in the award-winning Hot Launch series from Tour […]

Aug 09
SQRDUP Swing Alignment

A good golf swing and proper alignment pretty much go hand-in-hand, and players down through the years have used just about everything to help them get lined up during a practice session—be it laying golf clubs on the ground or the alignment rods that are popular accessories today. But with an eye towards the new […]

Aug 09
Breakthrough Golf Arm Lock Shaft

When the USGA banned the anchored putting stroke from the game of golf several years ago, the early assumption was that the “broomstick” and “belly” putters—each with their own longer shaft—would disappear into history like wooden driver heads. The reality has been quite different.  While the USGA rule says you cannot use your body to […]

Aug 09
Bridgestone’s New e6 Golf Ball

Bridgestone Golf has used the data from more than two million golf ball fittings to reformulate its e6 golf ball for moderate-swing-speed players to help them maximize distance and yet retain a soft feel for those shots around the green. The new Bridgestone e6 features a 2-piece, low-compression construction to ensure that players with slower […]

Jan 12
Callaway Women’s Shoes

Callaway Golf is expanding its lineup of women’s golf shoes for the New Year with new lightweight spikeless models that offer an accent on technology and enhanced fit. The classic designed Pacifica, with a full-grain leather and microfiber upper, has three key technologies to keep the golfer comfortable and playing great. The Opti-Dri technology transfers […]

Jan 12
TecTecTec ULT-X Rangefinder

A relative newcomer to the rangefinder category – the French company TecTecTec – has introduced its most advanced model with the ULT-X Laser Rangefinder that features several new technologies and features. Besides the ease-of-use and exceptional clarity of the lens, this new rangefinder from a company that began in 2014 and resides as the leading on-line […]

Jan 12

For anyone looking to spice up their golf accessories, is offering a variety of stylish customization options that include everything from initials to your photo imprinted on your favorite brand of golf ball. Not only are these custom gift sets, which can include logos and names on balls, tees and ball markers, great for […]