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Nov 11
Cape Town, South Africa

By Barry Lotz Cape Town, South Africa Continues to attract tourists who love luxury accommodations, great food, a phenomenal exchange rate, magnificent wildlife and fabulous golfing. Since leaving South Africa many moons ago, I have returned at least 20 times, if not more. It is one of the most beautiful countries, inhabited by wonderful people, […]

Jan 09
Learn How to Become a Professional Golf Teacher

By Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D.  • PGTAA President Want to Become a Professional Golf Teacher? 2020 has been an exceptional year for golf, especially during the Covid pandemic and opportunities for golf teachers abound. Golf participation has boomed, as people are tired of binging on Netflix and walking or jogging in their neighborhoods.  Many Americans […]

Jul 09
Sock of Champions

Players will love these “Sock of Champions”, made with the unrivaled characteristics of Bamboo–and will enjoy the socks’ bold graphics and great feel. The “Sock of Champions” provide a soft and luxurious experience for any golfer. The Bamboo fiber itself is super soft and feels comfortable against the skin. Early Beta Tests revealed that people […]

Jul 09
Bushnell Golf’s Wingman GPS Speaker

What a great first-to-market product from Bushnell Outdoor Products that they have brought to the golfing world – The Wingman GPS Speaker. I am totally enamored with this product. Anyone would love this when riding on a 1-person golf cart. With a combination of GPS and Bluetooth technologies, the Wingman provides players audible front, center […]

May 16
Alignment Golf Balls and Balanced Golf Balls: The Latest Trend in Golf Balls

This is the newest trend in golf balls – alignment ready golf balls. Alignment ready but not balanced is the distinction. Zen Golf, Maxfli, Taylormade’s TP5/TP5X Pix, Callaway’s Chrome Soft Triple Track ball and ERC Soft Golf ball and Pelz’s O-Balls are the balls that all feature an alignment aid. Of the aforementioned manufacturers, just […]

Sep 05
A Trip to Ireland

A trip to Ireland – why the Emerald Isle offers, tourists, golfers, visitors and whiskey aficionados a visit full of exploration, superb scenery, phenomenal golf courses and fun-filled pubs! “Céad Míle Fáilt”   (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!) Ireland Golf outdid itself in 2019. This was the year that Irish golf took center stage. Not only did […]