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Pro Compression Socks

Taking care of one’s feet during a round of golf can be one of the most important things that a player does to play better and make the experience more enjoyable.

Compression socks have become one of the most popular methods to make the journey around a golf course more comfortable, and a USA-based company called Pro Compression has introduced a wide-assortment of technically advanced socks into the golf arena.

The company has developed a graduated compression design that improves circulation, helps prevent leg fatigue and is made of a medical-grade fabric that provides firm pressure throughout the sock without sagging.  These light and meticulously crafted socks are easier on and off than many brands, yet provide a cool, comfortable fit in any shoe—on or off the course.  They help combat muscle soreness and fatigue in the feet and legs and come in a wide assortment of styles and fashionable colors.

The Pro Compression socks are made using a proprietary blend of nylon and poly materials–and the true graduated compression strength decreases as the distance to the heart decreases, making these one of the most comfortable around.

In a compression sock, for example, you will find less compression at the top of the sock than at the toe. In a pair of compression tights, there will be less compression around the waist than around the ankles. This forces the blood to move upward where there is more space. So, while gravity is pulling blood down, compression is pushing blood up. This perfect pairing is where the magic of compression happens.

By applying the right pressure in the right places, compression socks help increase blood flow. When you increase the blood flow, broken down soft tissue can repair itself more quickly. Put simply, compression helps your body move through its natural recovery process faster, so you feel better sooner.

In addition to the moister-wicking fabric and advance toe cushioning, the Pro Compression socks come in a wide assortment of creative styles, and cutting-edge colors. From ankle socks to over the calf and mid-calf socks—even knee high–Pro Compression has many styles for both men and women. The company also makes products for not only golfers, but runners, nurses, travelers, endurance racers and others.

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