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RIPIT Grips & Headcovers

Variety is the Spice of Life!  And these new golf products certainly fill the spice shelf. RIPIT is for the new generation of golf players who don’t mind stepping onto the green with Sunday game passion and a Saturday night vibe.

Bring an interesting, cool, fun and somewhat controversial product to a very stale and boring product category – golf grips.

They are fun! They perform as good as any brand name golf grip available, and their presentation and packaging are a step above. I love their color selections and the putter grips’ design are strikingly awesome. 

With names such as Uncle Same, Marilyn, Pin-Up Hunting, Squiggle, Bones, Bloody Ripper and Daily Diet you can and should expect something different.

Attention grabbing is a definite.

How can you not love this product description? 

The Uncle Sam–the two-toned American masterpiece. Built to promote the land of opportunity. Patriotism never felt as good as you watch your ball fly as graciously as the bald eagle migrating south for a feed in the winter. 

Stars to support your leading hand in taking control and stripes to soften the trailing hand in supporting those 300 irrational swing thoughts. Listen to Uncle Sam: “We want you”

The grip’s texture feels great and is soft and supple. The grip’s packaging is different and unique. The grips come boxed individually with a foam interior!

As for the head covers, the response elicited is rather overwhelming! There are no other head covers quite the same. The designs are VERY artsy and great for all genders. 

The head covers are for woods only and they are made with a fabric so waterproof they might just change the saying from “water off a ducks back”…. This fabric is super stylish in its appearance and is scuff and tear resistant and also tells mildew to take a hike. This Australian Made design comes from Desired Line Co.

It behooves you to visit the company’s web site:


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