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RZN Golf Balls

RZN Golf may not be a household name, but the technology behind the golf balls that the company produces should be familiar. From 2006 until Nike exited the golf equipment business in 2016, a company called Feng Tay Enterprises based in Taiwan supplied much of the manufacturing for their golf ball line.

After Nike shut down their golf ball business, Feng Tey purchased the patents for the RZN ball and relaunched the brand earlier this year in the United States with technology that has helped elite golfers win more than 50 professional events around the world, including 4 majors.

RZN has taken a customer-centric approach to the relaunch with a fitting tool on their web site to get players into the correct ball for their swing speed and ability level.

Most recreational players will want to test the RZN MS-Tour and RZN Distance ball.  Each of these balls has a good feel and both are 85 compression, with the Tour model being somewhat softer to the feel—but still capable of getting excellent distance from the driver or irons.  This ball is designed for a variety of swing speeds, but probably suites those with medium swings the best.  It feels as good as some of the premium balls and the larger alignment lines for putting are a nice addition.

The micro dimple technology and anti-slip urethane cover reduces air drag and enhances carry distance—and helps in wet conditions.

The RZN Distance is a 3-piece ball with a 3D Speed Lock resin core designed for maximum distance.  It also has the micro-dimple technology with a high resilient Ionomer cover that allows it to generate good distance on all shots. This ball has a piercing flight in windy conditions and has the larger putting alignment marking.

For those that played the Nike ball and liked what they saw in those, this is an excellent continuation of that lineup.

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