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Savvy Setup Golf Towel

One of the most ingenious-yet simple- training items we have seen lately is the Savvy Setup Golf Towel produced and distributed by Divot Society Golf.

For beginners or anyone who is looking to work on swing fundamentals, this 12” X 39” golf towel that is spread out on the ground along the line of your feet can perform a lot of tasks with the handy written reminders about alignment, stance, posture and ball position.  

The towel’s primary focus is the fundamental golf setup, and it allows you to see what happens with different ball positions or foot placements with your current swing. If you’re working on your swing, then you know all the pre-shot fundamentals are the same while you work on something physical in your swing or mechanics.

One of the nice features of the Savvy Setup Golf Towel is that it can be used in many ways-even using it with the short end between your feet!  The company website has some excellent videos and many drills that you can use the towel with-or incorporate some that you already have with this great alignment tool.

A long towel like this works wonders in taking the place of alignment rods and other swing training devices, especially with the row of ball images at the top of the towel to give you a great feel for positioning for various clubs and shots.  Another great feature is that this is a towel, so it’s light, can be attached to your bag with the included clips or the magnet fastener that can be used on a number of metal surfaces-such as a golf club.

Andrew Quinn, the Owner of Divot Society Golf and inventor of the Savvy Setup Golf Towel, is a veteran, parent and avid golfer who not only sees this as something for players to use on a regular basis to work on their game-but also as a learning tool for teaching children and adults at indoor facilities over the winter and at Children’s programs such as the First Tee.

For more information, visit the Divot Society website at:


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