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Seven Points CBD

Among the many CBD manufacturers that are looking to the golf audience, Seven Points CBD has taken a decidedly exact and scientific approach to what has become a crowded market place with many choices for those that enjoy physical activity—like golf—but can do without the inevitable aches and pains.

Although CBD has existed longer than mankind, it has only been in the last few years that the CBD from the hemp flower has been commercially marketed and sold as an alternative to the pain relievers produced by big pharma. Seven Points CBD uses only organically grown hemp and each batch is tested for pesticides and other harmful contaminants.

A full spectrum CBD, Seven Points products contain THC levels well below the 0.3% mandated by Federal Law and the company goes even further to provide testing information on each packaged product, giving consumers peace of mind that they’re getting a pure product that contains only pure CBD, hemp oil and other natural ingredients. The company even provides exact dosage information on its CBD Hemp Oil drops and soft gel caps based on the consumers’ weight.

“As an avid golfer and cyclist, I was fighting pain regularly but wanted a natural solution for pain. After seeing how CBD products improved my quality of life, I still felt there was something missing for active people like me”, said Mike Banhagel, President and Founder of Seven Points CBD. “I decided to develop a high-performance line of CBD that could deliver relief and a host of other benefits for people constantly pushing their bodies to perform.

“Seeing the damage traditional pain relievers caused people in my life, I needed a natural remedy to continue my active lifestyle. I know that my product line has been the answer for me, and I hope it is for others living an active lifestyle.

“Our products start with domestically produced, industrial hemp biomass which is delivered to certified pre-qualified extractors who produce the full-spectrum CBD extract used in all Seven Points products. That makes our products a pure, healthy, safe, non-psychoactive and non-addictive alternatives to traditional, over the counter and prescription pain killers.”

The full line of Seven Points CBD products includes liquid tinctures, gel caps, body balms, CBD infused honey and pet tinctures. These products have been used by many athletes for back, elbow, knee and other pain relief–including the body balms for on-the-course or post-round relief. These balms are designed to deliver relief in an easy to apply format, and come in lemongrass and menthol fragrances. The balms are available in 2oz jars in 500 or 1,000mg per bottle concentrations. Easy to apply, these balms are non-greasy and soak in quickly.

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