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Sock of Champions

Players will love these “Sock of Champions”, made with the unrivaled characteristics of Bamboo–and will enjoy the socks’ bold graphics and great feel.

The “Sock of Champions” provide a soft and luxurious experience for any golfer. The Bamboo fiber itself is super soft and feels comfortable against the skin. Early Beta Tests revealed that people thought the “Sock of Champions” was made of a high-quality silk or cashmere. However, these same testers were surprised to see how these socks perform.

Bamboo has a natural wicking ability that rids moisture away from the skin to keep feet dry, which reduces the chance of a blister–a really important factor when walking the golf course. In the cold, Bamboo warms up the skin, and in the heat, cools down the skin. This temperature control is remarkable in all weather conditions and environments.

Another keen feature of the “Sock of Champions” is that bacteria cannot live or grow in the bamboo fiber which makes them naturally antibacterial and odor resistant. Bamboo is also incredibly gentle on sensitive skin. On almost every level, Bamboo outperforms traditional cotton or wool.

“The ‘Sock of Champions’ is a specialty sock that looks like a trouser sock but performs like an athletic sock. On the golf course, they keep me comfortable and dry. In the boardroom, or at the 19th hole, they add color and fun to my dress pants. The design and graphics always get attention – a real icebreaker,” said Founder and President of All 19 Holes, Tim Ready.

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Story by Barry Lotz