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SQRDUP Swing Alignment

A good golf swing and proper alignment pretty much go hand-in-hand, and players down through the years have used just about everything to help them get lined up during a practice session—be it laying golf clubs on the ground or the alignment rods that are popular accessories today.

But with an eye towards the new trend of using technology to help improve one’s game, former 20-year Marine Randy Bowman has developed and brought to market a 21st century solution to an age-old problem for players—that of setting the feet, shoulders and the golf ball in proper alignment with one another to get the most power and hit the ball along its intended path.

The SQRDUP (Squared up) alignment tool utilizes an ultra-bright laser beam as guide “posts” to position hands, feet, club and target in the proper sequence and can provide invaluable adjustment feedback when trying to groove a swing on the range.

SQRDUP has already won awards as one of the best new training aids around, and it is easy to set-up and use.  The bright laser light provides the kind of unique alignment guide that few players who have already used other tools for this purpose over the years have ever experienced. It can also be used on the putting green to groove a stroke down the line, and the intense light provides the best putter alignment guide we have ever seen as it shines on the back of the club, over the ball and down the intended line.

“I have been impressed with the great response to our product by golfers of all types from savvy pros to beginners,” said Bowman, SQRDUP co-founder and CEO. “Users keep coming up with innovative ways to use our product. The latest is golfers using SQRDUP for wedge practice at dusk. It is a very rewarding feeling. My brother and I spent three years in the garage learning everything we could about lasers, LEDs, and holograms. Once we figured out our vision was possible, SQRDUP was created and is now helping golfers around the world.”

Lightweight and easy to store in a golf bag, the SQRDUP has been designed as a 6-inch crosshair square that is only 1½ “ thick and weighs 8 ounces. Its highly accurate alignment with the visibility of a green laser beam provides a fixed line to help golfers visualize their correct setup.

The ABS plastic is ultra-durable to stand up to years of heavy use that includes 545 NM wavelength laser technology, and it can be used in any setting since lasers are visible in full daylight and can work on any type of terrain from fairways to deep in the rough.

Quick to set up and easy-to-use, it can be easily moved with your foot or golf club to get the perfect alignment in seconds. The SQRDUP has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows for four hours of precise alignments on a single charge.

SQRDUP has also partnered recently with Cameron Percy, a PGA Tour player who is now using the device, and Grant Price, a PGA teaching pro.

“SQRDUP is simple, lightweight and extremely functional,” Price noted. “This is not just a product to improve solid golf fundamentals–but can be used to help visualize start points and lines on the greens as well as enhance your stroke at home, the office or at a hotel when traveling. It is a must-have product to aid players at all skill levels.”

SQRDUP is available on-line. For more information, go to:


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