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Nov 13
Allbirds Golf Shoes

A company that has made its mark based on the principles of using natural products, being comfortable, and keeping it simple has made its first foray into the golf shoe categorywith the Allbirds Golf Dasher It is an impressive first effort–and promises to be a favorite choice for anyone who tries them on. The Golf […]

Jan 12
New Golf Nation Channel Showcases Golf Destinations in Cool Ways

Finally, there’s a new medium for golf destinations globally to showcase their offerings.  And, logically, the medium exposes traveling golfers to exotic golf courses, clubs, resorts and cultures they may never have otherwise considered. We love this type of matchmaking. The medium is the super-cool Golf Nation channel that sneak-peeked on December 5 on  […]

May 11
2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

With the onset of a new golf year comes the insatiable desire for new gear. We’ve all dealt with supply chain issues and long lead times for ordering clubs, balls, apparel and just about any sort of golf gear. Here’s our Way Too Early Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide for forwarding to loved ones, golf […]

Mar 01
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Hy-Wood is Heaven-Sent

By Shane Sharp When it comes to filling out their golf bag, many golfers face a conundrum trying to stay under the 14 club USGA limit. To cover the gap between their driver and long irons they can either carry a fairway wood, like a three or five, or opt for hybrids, which typically range […]

Feb 07
Aviv Clinics Asks: Is Oxygen Golf’s New Frontier

By Tim Cotroneo Golfers from around the world are streaming to The Villages, FL, to rejuvenate their game. The spontaneous story behind this quest isn’t your traditional response to straighter drives, a better short game, or making more putts. Golfers are asking questions and getting surprising results from oxygen. Aviv Clinic’s first United States facility […]

Nov 30
Holiday Golf Gift Guide

Sometimes the only way to fit in a round of golf is to get it in early. And that’s certainly the theme with holiday shopping this season, what with all the supply chain and shipping hazards (to borrow from golf parlance). So to speed along the pace of play, here’s a roundup of golf gifts […]