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Hit it Further-Speed is the Key

When it comes to hitting the golf ball further-given the right equipment-it ends up being a result of how fast you swing the club.

Superspeed Golf-a training aid company that specializes in speed training products and programs– has developed some highly effective products that can be used alongside of your regular physical fitness program to help increase swing speed in players of all ages. The company notes that over 600 professional Tour players have used the product.

Padraig Harrington, one of the newest inductees to the World Golf Hall of Fame, a six-time European Ryder Cup member, a winner of three majors and now a stalwart on the PGA Tour Champions, has been using SuperSpeed Golf for nearly eight years and is a firm believer.

“Speed is essential to the game of golf nowadays. If you aren’t training speed, you are being left behind,” said Harrington, who is one of the longer hitters on the over-50 circuit. “I train with SuperSpeed because it is the easiest way to gain speed.”

At the other end of the spectrum is 17-year-old amateur Lexi Booras, who has become one of the fastest female high school golfers in the country. Regularly topping out at over 110 mph with her driver, Lexi has earned a golf scholarship to play at the University of San Francisco. She recently won the Sacramento County Women’s Amateur with a two-day total of -8, finishing 8 strokes ahead of 2nd place.

The SuperSpeed program is built around several products that can be purchased individually or in a bundle, but the primary tool is the SuperSpeed set of three clubs with varying degree of weights on the tips that form the basic tools for the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, which increases speed through the impact zone. It comes with three levels of online speed training, which can be completed in just minutes, three times per week, for optimal results. The company web site has some excellent training video tools and a printable protocol handbook to guide you easily through the program.

SuperSpeed golf uses overspeed training to reset the neuromuscular reaction speed of your body during the golf swing with the variable weight clubs varying from 20% lighter, the next 10% lighter and one 5% heavier than your driver. The idea is to increase your swing speed by 5% in 6 weeks. Each training session should last only 5-8 minutes-making this an easy addition to most workouts.

Another available option is the SuperSpeed Squeeze that helps players create significantly more grip strength, which translates to more speed, improved control of the golf club, stabilization of the club face and lag. 

An additional tool that will help monitor progress and is available from SuperSpeed Golf is the new PRGR Portable Launch Monitor. This device can measure your swing speed without hitting a ball–making it the perfect measuring stick for your workouts. You can also measure club speed, ball speed, smash factor, carry distance and total distance when you hit a golf ball. It is small enough to easily fit in a golf bag when you go to the range.

 SuperSpeed Golf has a new golf app due out any time in beta version that is outfitted with SuperSpeed’s training protocols–with a series of immersive training offerings and data points to elevate one’s game that includes tracking progress throughout the program; peer comparison in speed gains; a large library of content and detailed instruction on how to get the most out of speed training. 

  The app also has a premium version that will expand the current repertoire of training content by adding more than 20 new protocols and offering a self-assessment of the player’s golf-specific fitness, power generation strategies and mechanical tendencies. The app uses advanced AI to make optimal training recommendations based on the results of this assessment. 

New protocols include physical training support with PGA Tour Trainer Jason Glass, ground reaction forces, sequencing, wrist mechanics, ball speed application and advanced speed activation. This premium app also features a direct feed to upload swing videos and ask questions about training to the SuperSpeed team. 

For more information about the SuperSpeed Golf program and its many tools, please check out:


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