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SweetStuff for November 2021

BGT Carbon Shaft

Breakthrough Golf Technology and founder Barney Adams keep revolutionizing the world of putter shafts, and now, for those players looking for the ultimate fit, the Stability Carbon shaft offers maximum customization in addition to a light, soft feel that can improve the performance of any flat stick.

Both stable and responsive, the Carbon shaft fits almost any putter head and together with the expert technicians at BGT– can take the specs you give them and transform your putter into your favorite club.

“There’s a reason why the #1 PGA putter in the world plays Stability– and it’s simply because our technology works,” said Adams, CEO of Breakthrough Golf. “Stability Carbon is just another superb offering and gives all golfers a choice in their putter shafts”

Adams, who has always had the unique ability to see what is missing in golf equipment, decided to focus on the putter shafts when he founded BGT–since there had been no significant innovation for decades. A team of award-winning engineers and industry professionals was assembled to develop these innovative shafts.

The key to the performance of these latest shafts is the exclusive Advanced Materials Integration™–a patented technology that delivers the face square at impact and is available only from BGT. It is made from a carbon weave for playability refinement and improved feel.

With the improved Stability Carbon shaft, the putter can be customized by changing the Loft, Lie, Length, Balance, Grip…even the site lines. The shaft can be customized with four connector options and two tip finishes.

The Carbon shaft fits virtually all putters, regardless of brand or bend profile– straight, single or double bends– and has only one degree of torque, so the putter face remains square at impact to deliver consistent, accurate putts that roll straight every time.

BGT shafts have been making an impression on the professional tours, with many players making the switch from steel to these lighter and more stable composite options. Even one of the top contenders in two of this past year’s major championships used a BGT shaft to help finish among the leaders.

To add a bit of character to the Breakthrough Golf Technology lineup, the company has introduced a line of attractive putter headcovers. The new headcovers are designed with loads of personality for movie lovers and golfers everywhere. Among the choices—inspired by classic movie lines and fan favorite patterns–are Make My Day, Show Me The Money, Say Hello To My Little Friend, Digital Camo and Black Carbon.

“Headcovers are just a natural extension to our Stability Putter Shafts. Although we are passionate about the game, we do try not to take ourselves to seriously at BGT and these headcovers were a fun way to inject a little attitude,” added Adams

The headcovers come in both mallet and blade styles and fit almost any putter made. Mallet accommodates right hand and left-handed clubs. They are made of all vegan leather. 

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Clarity Golf

When it comes to setting up or designing an indoor golf hitting area or simulator, Bill Bales has seen it all.

As a 20-year veteran of working in the high-tech portion of the golf industry with name brands like Trackman and PGA Superstore to help refine and advance the art of electronically recording and displaying golf shots indoors, Bales has certainly left his mark. His first indoor golf company—AboutGolf–forever changed the industry.

Bales introduced radar to indoor golf in 2002, then introduced machine vision in 2008, and went on to be the first with simulators to integrate seamless screens, sophisticated video systems, force plates, online competition and countless other innovations.

Now, with golf enjoying a resurgence and the latest technology making it possible to turn one’s home into a first-rate practice area, Bales has started yet another company called Clarity.Golf to bring his years of knowledge and expertise to help those that want to install their own home simulators and hitting bays.

“We wrote the book on enclosure design and our team includes folks who were there with me from the beginning. We have established a line of custom options of the highest quality for the absolute best prices–and our warranty is the best in the industry,” said Bales.

“We help with the consideration of the available space—which simulator will work for that space—and we have tested them all out. You will see that we are not pulling any punches when it comes to our belief that the industry today contains a lot of high-priced vapor and a lack of clarity on the various products. We will change that. Initially, we will focus on two top tier technologies we feel are the best the industry has to offer–but we provide objective advice and the right introductions for any combination of simulator technology one chooses.”

The best part is that the consultation with Clarity.Golf is totally free. Bales even notes that he is working seven days a week answering emails and questions from all part of the country regarding setting up a home simulator.

Being a modern technology company, Clarity.Golf focuses entirely on the world of launch monitors, simulators, and related technologies. Their team is made up of prime movers within the indoor golf industry. Clarity.Golf intends to educate the markets about the realities of the industry, the technologies and the cost structures.

“We have even worked with people who have made significant modifications to their homes to accommodate simulators and hitting areas,” noted Bales. “One person even built a two-room addition to set up a simulator. There is a great market awareness of what is available out there and we are seeing a very wide range of what people want to do to achieve their goals.”

Clarity.Golf has now launched a focused division to serve private golf clubs and their members to go along with the business of helping golfers in their own homes.

“Private clubs are moving more and more to setting up indoor golf facilities, including practice bays and simulators,” said Bales. “We have twenty years of experience tied to the installation of over 4,000 simulators.

“What we’ve seen for years, and are seeing today, is a lot of spending on consulting and design, deficient planning, and a surprisingly consistent lack of ability to obtain the right knowledge from which to make intelligent design and buying decisions,” added Bales

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Kentwool Performance

Kentwool, the maker of fine Merino wool socks, has introduced some exciting new bold colors and styles for the fall and winter golf season.

These new limited-edition socks are a natural with the fall colors and feature four new earthy colors: Fir, Pecan, Rouge and Turmeric. All are offered in the Classic Ankle style, with the additional option of the low-cut fit in Pecan and Rouge. All four colorways reflect the beauty of the time of the year—the golden hues of changing leaves and the warmth of a blazing fire.

The traditional comfort and light feel of Kentwool’s socks—supported by the brand’s signature cushioned footbed–as well as all the luxurious features of the ultra-premium materials such as Merino wool—makes this sock an excellent choice for active people as it is naturally softer, more absorbent, odor-resistant, and breathable than synthetics or cotton. Perfect for a round of golf, a morning hike, or a backyard family gathering, Kentwool socks offer a great fit and feel for any outdoor activity.

“Fall and winter are seasons where we crave all things cozy and comfortable,” said Kim Kent, Kentwool’s CEO. “The comfort and quality of Kentwool socks are unmatched, and the new color offerings are perfectly suited to the changing of the seasons. When considering a luxuriously comfortable addition to this year’s holiday gift lists, you won’t go wrong with Kentwool socks!”

The Greenville, South Carolina company has a long tradition of manufacturing fine wool products in the USA. Founded in 1843, Kentwool remains one of the nation’s longest running, family-owned textile companies. In 2008, Kentwool Performance Apparel was established to harness wool expertise to create the “World’s Best Sock” –delivering the ultimate in comfort and performance to golfers and those with active lifestyles.

Kentwool socks draw upon wool’s natural wicking and thermoregulating properties, as well as their patented product design, to deliver moisture management, superior comfort and other performance ­enhancing benefits. Well-known in the golf market, Kentwool has won multiple Majors and numerous other TOUR events and trusted in competition by scores of amateur and professional athletes alike.

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