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Swing Caddie 200+ & 300

With the emphasis these days on practicing one’s golf skills at home—be it indoors or in the backyard—Swing Caddie continues to innovate with its technology to give players instant feedback when either working on their swing or testing new equipment.

The SC200+ Plus is an updated version of its prior generation of launch monitor that proved extremely popular because of its ease of use, accuracy and loads of information that it gives on each swing.

No larger than a typical mobile phone and fitted with a built-in stand, the SC200+ can be placed 4-5 feet behind the ball and for every shot will give a very accurate reading of club swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, overall distance and smash factor (the efficiency of your shot) for each and every club in the bag.  And for added accuracy, the unit has a barometric pressure sensor and temperature gauge that helps give it top-level accuracy when it comes to ball speed. You also can easily dial in the loft angle of each club that you hit.

The device uses Doppler technology to track each shot (just like the super expensive models from Trackman, etc.) and provides instant and accurate feedback, and instantly gives you the statistics on every swing. The LCD display is easy to ready even in the bright sun. It also has some valuable practice tools in its three modes: practice, target and random–which are great for mixing up sessions to gain valuable feedback while trying to hit to a selected distance—just like on the golf course. All the features can be controlled with the handy remote.

The SC200+ stores stats (including averages) for each club for the session and overall and gives a shot count and time display. The display shows all the statistics without moving to another screen, which is a nice feature. You can also have yourdistances called out after every shot with the adjustable voice feature.

In the target mode, you can set a distance and test your consistency over a 10-shot round. All the stats are displayed after each shot, in addition to a score of 1-10 depending on how close you get to the pre-set distance goal.

In the approach mode you can hone your skills instead of practicing one shot over and over. The unit will give random distances to hit to and after every shot gives you a score of how you did, then switch to another random distance.

In addition to being an extremely easy practice tool to use, it is versatile and can be used on the driving range, in the backyard or indoors when hitting into a net.            

One of the newest features included in the SC200+ is the ability to practice without hitting a ball, which comes in handy for those who are not able to hit balls into a net but still want to practice. The Practice Swing mode displays the swing speed of the club only and gives valuable feedback for anyone trying to work on their swing at home—or even before a range session when warming up!

For less than the cost of a new driver, the SC200+ packs a lot of features that most players will find extremely helpful in improving their game.

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For those looking to take their practice analysis to the next level, Swing Caddie has the SC300—its most advanced launch monitor that rivals the $25,000 Trackman–for under $500!

As with the SC200+, the SC300 fits easily in a golf bag—it is only about a third larger than the 200—but has some advanced features that can really be helpful. In addition to a larger display that is even easier to read, the SC300 has almost all the same features—including a very handy remote control–plus the ability to give you the launch angle and apex (height) of each shot on the display.

You even have the option—although it is not necessary—to pair this unit via blue tooth with most smartphones and the Swing Caddie app that will also give you even more data such as spin rate and  all of the averages for each club and practice session. It even shows graphs of shot height patterns. For a player or teacher, this unit gives as much accurate information as you would want.

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