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Swing Caddie SC300I

Swing Caddie recently introduced its most advanced launch monitor—and the innovation and advances in their new SC300I model take this professional-grade tool to an all-new level—especially with the cutting-edge software that it now can be paired with.

The SC300I is slightly smaller and sports a sleeker all-black design than the previous SC300 model–but with a similar orange and black LCD display—and has several technological improvements that are readily apparent when testing it on the driving range.

As in the previous model, the new SC300I shows all your essential shot metrics in a compact 6-3/8” X 4-1/2” X 1-1/8” frame that fits easily in a golf bag. Valuable information such as carry and total distance, swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, apex (shot height) and smash factor–can be fine-tuned to your specific club and loft angle on the device or with the handy remote that comes with it. The rechargeable battery has also been improved and now lasts 20 hours on a full charge instead of 12.

The display shows all the statistics without moving to another screen, which is a nice feature. You can also have your distances called out after every shot (three languages can be selected) with the adjustable voice feature.

The device uses Doppler technology and calibrating atmospheric pressure on each shot to track a variety of measurements (just like the super expensive models from Trackman, etc.) and provides accurate feedback– giving you the statistics on every swing.

The LCD display is easy to read even in the bright sun. It also has some valuable practice tools in its two modes: practice and target–which are great for mixing up sessions to gain valuable feedback while trying to hit to a selected distance—just like on the golf course. All these features can be controlled with the handy remote.

In the target mode, you can set a distance and test your consistency over a 10-shot round. All the stats are displayed after each shot, in addition to a score of 1-10 depending on how close you get to the pre-set distance goal.

The SC300I has noticeably quicker response than its predecessor and greater accuracy with the new and improved processors in the unit. It also is better at tracking all kinds of shots—hooks, slices and low stingers, and has better detection of shots overall with its improved tracking sensors. The unit also works well for a home practice setup inside or in the yard—and will measure shots hit into a net with surprising accuracy.

While the SC300I is on par with the $25,000 Trackman as a stand-alone unit for under $500–things go to an entirely new level when it is paired with the free MySwingCaddie app (IOS and Android) that has been drastically improved and refined for this new model.

It gives you the ability to connect the SC300I directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to see spin rates of shots in real time, track and save all your shot data– and even export it to a spread sheet to print out and give to a club fitter or instructor.  It even shows graphs of shot height patterns. With this feature you can also keep months or even years of data on every practice shot to compare and look for trends.

The latest version of the app—built especially for the SC300I—even offers the ability to record practice swings with a data overlay of key metrics, draw graphic lines and circles for analysis and to play back in slow motion to fully analyze every practice swing.  These are saved automatically by the app and are a great reference for game improvement or for showing an instructor.     

For a player, club fitter or teacher, this unit gives as much accurate information as you would want in a small, easy to use package that will not break the bank.

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