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Takomo Golf’s Skyforger 001 Wedges

Takomo, a prominent golf manufacturer based in Finland, has been capturing the admiration of golfers and critics alike with their remarkable irons that deliver outstanding performance, aesthetic appeal and exceptional value for money. 

Their unwavering commitment to the golf community is reflected in their mantra and mission statement, emphasizing cost-effectiveness by minimizing marketing expenses and streamlining retail processes.

While Takomo does not align with the traditional in-person fitting model, they empower customers with an extensive array of customization options, including shaft, lie, length, and grip choices. To optimize your set, it is advisable to invest in a professional fitting session at True Spec or Club Champion before placing your order.

The Takomo SkyForger 001 wedges, often dubbed as “Dart Throwers,” boast a soft feel, impressive versatility and precision around the green that sets them apart. Crafted from S20C carbon steel with a progressively tapered blade thickness, these wedges cater to players seeking precise trajectory control. The strategic weight distribution in higher lofts enhances spin and height control, while lower lofts prioritize ease in executing full shots.

In our testing group’s evaluation, the SkyForger wedges earned acclaim for their tactile feedback, ability to stop on the green and notably, their affordability. 

Takomo’s product range extends beyond wedges to include woods and irons. What’s truly noteworthy is that all Takomo clubs combine visually stunning irons with forgiveness, a potent feel and performance that rivals the best in the market.

The SkyForger wedges are available in 48 and 52 degrees with 8° of bounce, while the 56 and 60-degree wedges feature 10° of bounce. 

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