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TecTecTec ULT-X Rangefinder

relative newcomer to the rangefinder category – the French company TecTecTec – has introduced its most advanced model with the ULT-X Laser Rangefinder that features several new technologies and features.

Besides the ease-of-use and exceptional clarity of the lens, this new rangefinder from a company that began in 2014 and resides as the leading on-line brand of rangefinder on Amazon, gives loads of information in an instant when locking onto a target.

It has all the latest bells and whistles you can find in a rangefinder such as the Target Lock Technology (TLT) which gives a vibration when it secures a target. The visible slope toggle function can be activated to calculate elevation-adjusted distances or easily disengaged for USGA-conforming play. The push-pull slope toggle is handy, and the on-screen distance and slope readings also provides angles of ascent or decent to the target.

“We seek to provide the absolute highest-quality products at a price that is affordable for all players,” noted Renan Lore, Director of TecTecTec. “Unlike other brands, we use the most advanced components and manufacturing techniques to create first-class, extremely dependable laser rangefinders.”

Advanced optics and state-of-the-art components provide exceptional clarity and the most precise distance readings of any rangefinder on the market in a comparison of the leading brands. The ULT-X is accurate plus or minus 0.3 yards up to 300 yards. TLT helps golfers quickly determine yardages and can capture distances to a flag at 400 yards and hazards at 1,000 yards.

It also offers three unique modes: Scan Mode takes measurements continuously to help make decisions on the fly, Target Priority Mode with Target Lock Technology displays distance to the closest subject to pick up the flagstick even when it is in front of wooded areas, and Normal Mode helps read distances to hazards.  The 6x magnification offers exceptional clarity and has a diopter adjustment for fine focus. Additionally, all TecTecTec laser rangefinders are equipped with a CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and quick start guide.

Every purchase includes customary free shipping, a two-year warranty and a ‘love it or your money back’ 30-day full refund guarantee when ordering online. In addition to its golf and hunting rangefinder products, TecTecTec also manufactures cameras, drones, projectors, security systems and speakers.

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