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The Back Thing Support

If anyone knows about back pain, it is golfers. It is the most common injury related to the sport because of the repetitive twisting motion required and the modern lifestyle that requires hours of sitting (usually at a computer) with little or no movement. A long week of sitting follow by 18 holes of golf is not the healthiest thing for the back.

A new product that is simple yet effective in countering the effects of sitting called The Back Thing™ has been introduced to the golf market to offset the impact of sitting while working, traveling, driving and of course in a golf cart.

This foldable, light-weight support couldn’t be simpler to use. Designed by a neurosurgeon, The Back Thing supports the lower (lumbar) area of the back by giving support with different technology than other seat cushions. Instead of horizontal cushioning that pushes the lower back to overarch, The Back Thing uses vertical pine slats beneath its padded cushion to promote better posture and lumbar support and relaxes back muscles. The slim design makes it foldable and easy to carry for travel and work.

This ingenious support comes in several sizes—Recreational (great for golf), Traveler and the Original. It is light (15 oz.) and offers the feeling of a back support without having to wear anything—and promotes circulation.

It was designed originally to help anyone suffering from lower back pain– the second leading cause of doctor’s visits–beaten out only by the common cold. It also accounts for the most job-related injuries and time off from work. According to The Hidden Impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders on Americans report, there were 264 million lost workdays in one year due to back pain. That’s two workdays for every full-time worker in the country. People in the U.S. spend more than $100 billion on treatment for lower back pain, according to the The Journal of American Osteopathic Association.

Back pain can come on abruptly after lifting a heavy object or as the result of an accident, but most back pain is caused by sedentary lifestyles. In general, Americans spend much of their time sitting. They sit for work, for travel, to eat and to watch TV. They’re sitting so much it’s become detrimental to their health, leading scientists to say that sitting is the new smoking. Combine this with a sport like golf that involves twisting and bending, and you have even more need to protect the back!

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