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Titleist Performance Alignment Aid

Titleist has added a very nice amenity to its flagship golf ball line of the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x that will help most golfers with one of the basics of their golf game-alignment.

The Performance Alignment Aid that is now available on the most popular tour-ball models that Titleist produces-the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x-allows players to have the tried-and-true alignment lines stamped on their golf balls at the factory and come right out of the box the ready for play.  No need to markup  your ball or try to draw a straight line.

Available in black, red, blue and green, the Performance Alignment aid is designed with a subtle arrow shape, 105 degrees in length, custom printed on each golf ball opposite the Pro V1 or Pro V1x side stamp. The marking is 60 percent longer than a standard Titleist side stamp.  

“Performance Alignment emulates how many of the best players in the game mark their Titleist,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “The benefit of players marking their golf ball with an alignment aid – specifically a long, straight line – is evident across all levels of competitive golf and plays a significant role in helping them improve their aim and accuracy.”  

Additionally, Titleist offers more than 40 different alignment aid designs through custom order on the Titleist web site.

In the modern golf game, alignment aids-mostly for putting-are used more often than not for players on all levels.  The value of these has more than been validated over the years by the best players in the world who use these markings to help in lining up their putts.

Viktor Hovland, the PGA Tour’s Fed Ex Cup Champion, who earned $34.5 million plus on course this past year, swears by alignment markings to help take his game to new heights. “I use a black line, because I cannot putt without this,” said Hovland, a Pro V1 player. “I literally cannot aim. I’ve just never been good at just standing over the ball and being able to aim that way. I’ve found it’s really helped my putting, especially on the short ones, when there’s not too much break involved. I just did a blind test with a line on and then without a line, and I just aimed it miles better with a line on.” 

The 2023 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have been the most popular balls on the PGA Tour-and offer advanced core technologies validated by the best players in the world. Pro V1 and Pro V1x are engineered with high gradient core designs that deliver lower long game spin for increased distance and a more consistent flight – helping golfers hit the ball longer and straighter while maintaining the drop-and-stop greenside control that better players rely on.

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