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Tour Edge HL4 Woods

Tour Edge has rolled out its latest technology and newest designs in its popular Hot Launch lineup of drivers and fairway woods with the recent introduction of the HL4 clubs that have hit retail stores and are available from custom-club fitters.

The HL4 is the fourth release in the award-winning Hot Launch series from Tour Edge founder and master club designer David Glod–and offers a complete lineup from driver to irons–all designed to fill a niche at offering the latest technology at a mid-tier price point.

The HL4 driver is easily one of the most user-friendly designs that the company has offered, with a much-improved sound at impact, easy to align and a strong look at setup that gives a level of confidence.

The HL4 driver comes in two different configurations– a straight version and an offset version. Both drivers feature a forged titanium head and Cup Face technology, which increases the amount of face flexing for increased club and ball speeds. It also features an all new sloped crown design that is deeper from face to back. No skirt where the sole plate meets the crown equates to a 12% increase in MOI over the previous Hot Launch drivers. This driver achieves good distance even on off-center hits.

This new design makes for an extremely high Moment of Inertia–meaning that the HL4 is a more stable driver with increased ball speed on miss-hits. This also helps shots fly straighter.

The forged 6-4 Titanium head features a deeper cup face design and a rounder face shape for exceptional power. The new driver also features a further back rear sole weight placement for an even higher launch and more stable, powerful tee shots.

The Power Channel on the sole of the club behind the club face is wider and deeper for better weight distribution and increased face flexing, and delivers amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face.

“This is an early release to a product line that we developed for 2020,” said Glod. “We have spent the last 18 months looking at how to improve the best performance value drivers in the game and the end result is an all new shape that has a MOI that rivals that of a $500 driver. It’s an extremely forgiving design that all levels of players can benefit from.”

The new HL4 fairway woods offer much of the same new features and like the driver come in a straight-neck and offset version that sets up nice visually and can help players who are fighting a slice.

Both versions feature an all new shape and a thinner and lighter 17-4 forged steel crown for faster clubhead speed with a lower CG and an added weight for a higher MOI and an easier to launch design.

A more aerodynamic head shape design in the HL4 fairway woods produces a lower center of gravity and along with more weight in the rear sole, created by the new weight in the back of the clubhead, moves the center of gravity deep in the head for an extremely high MOI like the driver. A shallow face design and low CG in the HL4 fairway woods deliver a high launch with low spin for maximum distance, and this club also offers the Power Channel and Variable Face Thickness technology that provides greater distance from more contact points on the face–resulting in better off-center hit distance.

The HL4 fairways also have a superior sound over previous versions and the increased distance and ball speed is readily evident, along with the much-improved trajectory for both fairway shots and those taken from the tee.

“The re-engineered shape and thinner and lighter forged steel we procured make the HL4 fairway woods speed machines that truly earn the name Hot Launch,” added Glod. “This is our straightest and most forgiving design ever and it also features the fastest launch characteristics we’ve ever seen.”

Both the HL4 driver and fairways have lighter heads that make them easier to swing and turn over, resulting in a higher ball flight and improved distance.

The Hot Launch series is also designed to take advantage of the emerging growth of custom fitting within the equipment market.  Tour Edge plans to have over 750 custom fitting centers across the country that will feature the mobile HL4 custom fitting bag.

“We see HL4 as being the best value available in the custom fitting market,” noted Glod. “That is why we created our 48-hour custom fitting delivery guarantee.”

The specs for these new woods include 9.5, 10.5 and 12- degree lofts for the straight neck driver, while the HL4 offset driver is be available in 10.5, 12 and 13.5- degree lofts. The 10.5-degree HL4 Offset will be available in left-handed.

The straight HL4 fairway woods come in 15, 17, 19 and 22- degree lofts, while the HL4 offset fairway woods are available in 15.5, 19.5, 22.5, 24.5 and 26.5- degree lofts. The 15.5 degree 3-wood, 19.5-degree 5-wood and 22.5-degree 7-wood in the offset version are also available in left-handed.

Both clubs feature an upgraded UST Mamiya graphite shaft that offers enhanced tip stability. The drivers are available in Ladies, A-flex, Regular and Stiff shafts ranging from 48 to 60 grams. The fairway woods are available in Ladies, A-flex, Regular and Stiff shafts ranging from 45 to 65 grams.

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