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As more players are finding that enhanced vision can be as important as any other element in playing golf, the search for better eyewear on the course has become an important one for players at every level.

With the importance of sunglasses in protecting the eyes and aiding vision in bright sunlight becoming more top-of-mind with players, the search for quality and performance in sun eyewear has spurred many brands to up their game when it comes to producing quality sunglasses.

A relative newcomer to this field-Uswing-is becoming known for not only producing some of the highest quality sunglasses for the golfing market– but is also being recognized by top professional players for helping with their game and being a fashion statement at the same time.

Phil Mickelson has donned these distinctive sunglasses on the PGA and LIV Tours and became the oldest winner of a major championship at age 50 in 2021 when he won the PGA Championship wearing his Uswing sunglasses.

And on the other end of the spectrum, rising LPGA star Rose Zhang went from being a college champion to winning her first event as a professional this year wearing the sunglasses and is now a brand ambassador.

What makes these sunglasses so special? For starters they are feather light and weigh only 21 grams-probably the lightest sunglasses you will find-and have a great fit that makes you forget that you are even wearing glasses. They don’t slide around while swinging the club and are excellent for most physical activities.

When it comes to vision, again, the comfort level is outstanding with its crafted anti-collision polycarbonate (PC) material and cutting-edge optical technology. Uswing lenses promote clarity with 100% UV400 protection that blocks out 80% of those distracting blue rays. Designed with precision,

Uswing lenses feature a specialized greyish-green tint, like what pilots use. This color choice isn’t just aesthetic; it is intended to keep you calm, focused and in control of your game, no matter the challenges the course throws your way.

Uswing sunglasses are renowned for eliminating parallax issues, ensuring you have a consistent and precise view of the green and helps eliminate distortions. The subtle undulations of the course and the direction of the grass patterns come to life, giving you the edge you need to improve your putting game. Going from bright sunlight to darker areas or indoors is no problem with these sunglasses.

Rainy rounds are no longer a hassle. Uswing’s lenses are water-repellent, ensuring crystal-clear vision when others struggle to see. The Uswing Overcast Series does not just protect your eyes; it helps with visual acuity, allowing you to read the greens with precision and maintain focus even when the weather does not cooperate. 

“They are light enhancement glasses that are made for overcast and rainy days. They add light, help to read greens, and protect from wind and rain drops,” noted Michelson.

The Uswing sunglasses are non-polarized and optimal for various outdoor activities, as they reduce overall brightness without causing distortion in LCD screens or other digital displays. This means you can comfortably wear them while using your smartphone, GPS device, or digital dashboard in your car, without any visibility issues. Additionally, they provide effective protection against harmful UV rays, reduce glare from surfaces like water–making them a versatile choice for a wide range of activities.

The Uswing sunglasses come with a 2-year warranty and are also available for prescriptions.

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