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Vokey SM10 Wedge

The master of the golf wedge-Bob Vokey– is always looking for ways to improve on his creations for Titleist.

The man responsible for designing the most popular wedges on the PGA Tour for the past 20 years recently surveyed the practice range at the recent American Express event in La Quinta as players put his latest models through their paces in preparation of the week’s upcoming tournament.

The ever-friendly and positive Vokey talked about the new features of his new SM10 wedge lineup that hits retail this month and is already the most-played wedge on Tour.

“We felt that we could do some things better than we did in the SM9’s,” noted Vokey. “We changed the weighting of the clubs and some of the contours with reshaping to vastly improve the feel and performance.”

The Sm10’s certainly opens new ways to use the clubs for scoring opportunities around the greens with lower flight windows and greater spin.These clubs have a crisper feel and greater stopping ability for those tight pitch shots–with the lighter feel very noticeable. 

“I always tell players that the most important club in the bag is confidence,” Vokey added. “Getting fit for each of your wedges, and learning how to use them in different situations, is one of the fastest ways to gain confidence around the green.”

As always, Vokey and Titleist make their changes to each model based on player feedback. “Player feedback drives our development process,” noted Corey Gerrard, Director of Marketing, Vokey Wedges. “Whether we’re talking with tour professionals or dedicated amateurs, every bit of player insight matters. All the advances we made to SM10, from looks and feel to grind options and desired flight windows, reflect that player input.”

Among the under-the-hood design changes in the SM10 wedges is new, optimized and progressive CG to achieve precision in distance and trajectory control. In the 46-52° models, the CG is lower for a better transition from the iron set and more consistent distance gapping. 

The CG is also pushed out closer to the center of the face, helping to eliminate excessive draw movement and provide a more solid feel, based on Tour player feedback and testing. In lofts 54-62°, the CG is moved up and forward, which provides lower trajectory and a squarer face at impact. The loft-optimized CG allows for more consistent, controlled flight, better feel and tighter dispersion from the top end to the bottom end of a player’s wedge setup.

Vokey’s patented Spin Milled groove cutting process provides a scoreline that delivers higher, more consistent spin. Vokey SM10 wedges feature TX9 grooves that are individually cut based on loft and finish: the grooves on the stronger-lofted wedges (46-54°) are cut narrower and deeper, while the higher-lofted wedges (56-62°) feature wider and shallower grooves.

A parallel micro-texture between grooves helps to maximize spin on partial shots, and a high frequency heat treatment is applied to the impact area, doubling the durability of the groove edge compared to untreated grooves. The T grind, one of the most played lob wedges on the PGA TOUR, is featured as SM10’s low-bounce lob wedge option. The 54.08M has been added to the lineup for players who prefer a lower-bounce, strong-lofted sand wedge.

Vokey SM10 wedges are also updated with progressive shaping by loft and consistent profiles to inspire confidence in every player. Lofts 46-52° feature a smaller profile and a straighter leading edge, while lofts 56-62° have a larger footprint and a more rounded leading edge for shot versatility. This especially helps for more precision on sand shots.

“The best players in the world know exactly what they want from their wedges. The smallest details matter to them and they are very specific when it comes to describing the improvements they want to see,” said Aaron Dill, Director of Vokey Player Relations. “Their feedback is invaluable. We are constantly learning from them and it’s that constant collaboration which allows us to get even better with each new generation.” 

A trademark of the Vokey wedge family of clubs is the ability to personalize the set to a player’s unique swing and abilities-and the SM10’s offer an abundance of choices with six different tour-proven sole grinds (F, S, M, K, T and D) – and a total of 25 unique loft, bounce and grind combinations – allowing every golfer the opportunity to find their optimal wedge setup.

Properly fit wedges that complement a golfer’s swing type and course conditions help unlock creativity around the greens and achieve proper turf interaction and contact. Players can schedule a Vokey wedge fitting at:

As always, WedgeWorks at Titleist offer an array of advanced customization options such as stamping, custom paint-filled loft, bounce and grind options, unique toe engravings and much more. SM10 wedges can also be custom ordered with a wide selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules. 

For more information on the SM10 wedges go to:


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