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ZipOns – Easy Does It

It is amazing how many innovations that have nothing to do with golf have a way of finding their way into the sport and lifestyle.

One example is a company called befree that makes adaptive clothing for both adults and children that have medical conditions that hinder their ability to put on a pair of paints or shorts by pulling them over their legs. Their patented pants are designed with zippers from waist to hem providing incomparable levels of ease and comfort to those who wear them.

Instead of pulling pants up over the legs, zipOns(r) make it possible to zip the pants on around the legs in a standing position or while lying or sitting down. 

Originally designed to fit around braces, casts and other medical equipment, the zipOns are now being offered as alternative casual wear for golfers looking for something easy to put on and comfortable to wear-such as a post-round meeting or a long drive home after 18 holes. These allow golfers to get out of golf pants or shorts and zip themselves into something more comfortable with a loose, casual and comfortable feel.

ZipOns adult pants are made with a soft and lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, an elastic waist and deep front pockets. They unzip and open completely on both legs with zippers spanning waist to hem, allowing them to be taken on and off without pulling up through the legs like traditional pants. ZipOns can be put on and taken off easily from standing or lying down and they open from the bottom as needed. The zippers are covered in the interior with a full-length flange and a zipper garage at the waist, preventing contact and ensuring maximum comfort. 

The pants are available for men and women and come in assorted colors. They are machine washable and made of 100% polyester in the USA.

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